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Full Version: What have I missed and where should I start?
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Alright guys,

So I am a long time fan of the original Beyblades and the tv series. I have a lot of original blades and a small handful of metal masters and burst. What can I use and what can't I use. Is it socially acceptable for someone of my age (21) to participate in tournaments or is it mostly younger kids? It has been a long time since I have done anything with Beyblades and I honestly know almost nothing about the new ones nor where to start, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I apologize if this post is in the wrong area.
There are the new beys from the Gachi (GT) that are coming out recently; however, there are some beys that are pretty good in this form of meta. Like Cho-Z Spriggan, Cho-Z Valkyrie, Revive Phoenix and Dead Phoenix (which you can swap parts to form Perfect Phoenix), and Hell Salamander.
It’s totally fine to be 21 and play beyblades!
I would start by buying these beys for Burst Standard:
Revive Phoenix- Use the rP core to make Perfect Phoenix
Dead Phoenix- Use the dP armor on the rP core to make perfect Phoenix and the driver, Atomic, is competitive
(pP is a very heavy and good layer currently)
Cho Z Achilles- Use the disc, 00, on your combo
Cho Z customize set- though it may be expensive, Cho Z Spriggan and it’s frame, wall, are very competitive.
Hell Salamander- The Layer is quite good.
Long Beylauncher set L- Proof is a very good frame that the set includes
Z Achilles- The Layer and Disc are absolute trash but if you get the “Long Beylauncher set R” You can put the Xtend Plus chip on the Xtend Driver to make Xt+
Ace/Rock/Grand Dragon- the disc and driver are currently quite good.

That’s all for Burst Standard. I’m a little busy so I can’t write a list for Burst Classic.
I'm 35 and actively participate in tournaments. You're fine.
Thanks guys! Makes me feel a bit better getting back into beyblades. I really appreciate the info I'll have to start searching around for those blades.
Looking for some se Missouri bladers for a tournament guys. Any info?
Ebay.. legit takara tomy.. dont buy any USA hasbro carp.. back in 2004 it was the same now usa makes cheap look alikes.
(Dec. 21, 2019  7:05 AM)BR2019 Wrote: [ -> ]Ebay.. legit takara tomy.. dont buy any USA hasbro carp.. back in 2004 it was the same now usa makes cheap look alikes.

You've been around here for a while, so you should know better than to respond to a question thread (non-regional too) that's been inactive for 6 months in the general forum, for a person who hasn't logged in since mid-June.

Stop bringing old dead threads back from the dead.