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Full Version: Yahoo Japan Package Consolidation Opinion
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Hey so i was able to snag a couple of wins on yahoo japan. yay!

I'm looking through the package consolidation guide and im curious as to how to go about the shipping items together 

 because on one hand its cheaper but on the other hand if it weighs too much then it could be more expensive to bulk ship it. 

Any opinions or recommendations will do thanks !

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If you have purchased through directly from Yahoo Auction

You can ship it to some package forwarding service. And get them consolidated

Edit:-  Yes, if it's too heavy. You might need to pay a larger amount at once to get them shipped. But it will cost you less overall than shipping individually. 

For example. I had ordered Cho Z Vakkyrie and Cho Z Customise set from Yahoo Auction. They alone was costing me 1400yen (If I remember correctly?) To ship via SAL Small Packet

When I calculated the shipping cost (by weight) with lot and without. It was costing me 800yen with lot vs without (1400yen)

Although ordering too expensive things or big/heavy package increase chances of you getting custom duties as well. So keep that in mind