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Full Version: Any Washington bladers out there at all??
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We are kind of dying out here, but with the wbo championship we could be put back on the map for communities with devoted bladers
I’m in Washington State you are in it too right ??? I’m ready to let it rip when you want to
(Jan. 14, 2019  4:07 PM)Beyblade 448 Wrote: [ -> ]I’m in Washington  State  you are in it too  right ???  I’m ready to let it rip when you want to

What area
Yo, if we could gwt a washingron tournement flowing that would be great, I'm a metal blader myself so we would have to find a way to host eather burst, metal limited, or both.
Sup Bladers also from the north west. Would love to see us grow and get some tourneys organized.
If you're near the yakima area it me up