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Full Version: Did we ever see Dual Layer Fafnir
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My friend says that Fafnir dual layer showed up in the oringinal manga. Breaking the original Spriggan. I've never read the manga so can someone prove him right or wrong plz
I doubt it. It couldn't have broke the ORGINAL Spriggan if it was dual layer. It would have been a Single layer Fafnir or a dual layer Spriggan.
Yeah,that's what i thought

I told him that he was wrong but he was so sure about it

personally,Free is my favorite charachter and i thought that he was wrong I just wanted clarification
yeah,there's no Dual Layer Fafnir, the original Spriggan never broke, Shu just upgraded it to S2.

Free and Fafnir showed up for the first time during God/Evolution.
Yup,like I said just never read the manga and I known that it had a different storyline than the anime. I just wanted to check
The manga isn’t canon either to the anime. So don’t think that’s what happened in the anime’s, because there’s probably was a Duel Layer fafnir, but never appeared.