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Full Version: Diwali 2018-(live stream 8 pm Is)discussion and experience sharing
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If you're thinking it's Important, You can it is as much as Christmas. It's like lights everywhere, every building you have lights, the scene is truly magnificent.
And it's followed by world's largest Fireworks hotspot, and all this is meant to be enjoyed. I personally have stopped bursting crackers and fireworks, but I can enjoy them, So you can too, I will share my experience as well as encourage fellow Indians to do the same.

-With great power comes great responsibility,but with great fireworks comes great pollution-
if you remeber this btw @[~Mana~] when are results coming? Can be Answered in Questions about WBo
I am extremely environment conscious, I will be comparing  the AQI difference with last year data, and see what changes the Initiatives has brought.

Tomorrow is dhanteras, the shopping spree, and business time for me.

thumbnail misguides, they didn't burned oil candles either.......
and 1 million people do this together
So just to be sure..
This is an experience sharing thread....
Do Dude

Happy Diwali to you all
Members of WBO.. ^_^
(Nov. 07, 2018  1:50 PM)Adam Walker Wrote: [ -> ]So just to be sure..
This is an experience sharing thread....

Yes, And Yeah, you don't need to spam the Indian release thread to Wish Everyone, You can Wish Everyone in this thread, without getting offtopic.
This is how my Dhanterus Went:
The Sales was really DIM, Sold about 7 laptops at my shop, But market was also dim, but Traffic was crazy, that means everyone was out for their supplies. My Mom Purchased The Idols and utensils, and everything was really dim.
I am hearing Crackers since morning,  Kids are excited for Diwali, While I am not bursting any crackers, neither my family is.
The Sky At the moment is lit with fireworks, but it is not at it's peak yet, I am doing a live telecast at 8pm IST.
Another Thing I Spotted is that, every household has oil candles/lamps, but they are barely visible due to domination of wired lighting, this is bad, people are not giving importance to the tradition. However the environment is Lit, And Shall be sick by morning...
And I am Wishing
[Image: giphy.gif]
To the Whole WBO
Ok tnx for creating this thread anyways


And this is how my diwali.... went...

I was burning crackers in the neighbourhood until 3 am  with my friends
And the next day was diwali ,after bathing we prayed to god and dead ancestors..,then i ate breakfast and abt 11 o clock i went to the theatre with my friends...but oof..getting tickets in the crowd was very hard but finally got the tickets and watched the movie (the fans were like shouting including us) ,spent some time with friends,went home ate lunch and watched movies on tv..and evening abt 6pm we strated burning cracjers again and  finished at abt 11pm and went home and slept a good sleep

Thats my diwali
And some pics..[Image: ncdopk.jpg]

[Image: 107jmsh.jpg]

Although 2 hours weren’t much
But still had fun bursting a whole box full of crackers!!!