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Full Version: I want to get to know you guys.
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This may seem weird but I want to know the general people around me so like state your personality or your age, or anything about you, sorry if this seems weird, you don’t have to do it, I justify wanna know people better.
i havent really figured out my own personality yet. but a sentence that might be used to describe me is "always surrounded by people. yet lonely". and im 11
I'm 13, and I have a slightly emotionless personality. I'm also intelligent, compared to other people at my school.
I’m 11 and wish I were younger
Cewl I’m also 11 lol, my personality is stupid but smart, and very goofy
16, didn't know people so young were on here. I guess I'm smart, easygoing and kind?
A while ago, I thought I was the youngest, but I’ve been told I have the mind of an old man in a young body
I'm 19 and I was always intelligent and mature for my age. Been into beyblade since I was 11
When I first joined the WBO (I think about a year and a half ago), I thought I was the youngest. Apparently I'm not anymore. People always tell me how coldhearted I am, but I'm not a sociopath Smile
I'm almost 13, and I've been into Beyblade since I was 11.
Hey @[JavariTheChamp], I've moved your thread to the General Discussion forum; since it's not Beyblade related.
Uh, let’s see. I’m an ENFP, I like beyblade, megaman, earthbound/mother,  professor layton, pokemon, mario, harry potter, music, art, and...stuff. I’ve been told I’m intelligent for my age, and I’m nowhere close to popular. I wish my school had a beyblade club tho... (but I start highschool next year so maybe then I’ll meet some bladers?) I’m also aromantic and ace...not like a plant :,)
Well I'm 17 and I didn't know all these little kids were on here, I'm just a guy who's laid back, I'm not serious until I have to be. I'm on the Average stale of being smart passing school with A's and B's, I prefer to work alone, and I love Cross Country. I've never met another kid who likes beyblade and everyone at school makes fun of me for liking it, but I don't really care what they say.
I am 13 and probably , a guy who studies about beyblade ( more that what i have to study in class 9 ) , I am a guy who studies 1-2 day(s) before EXAM ( and probably gets Passed on every subject ) ,I am a die-hard fan of Rock bands ( Most PROUDLY ,.... Linkin Park , even after the death of MY Favourite Singer ) , Other Favourites are : Three Days Grace , Saint Asonia ( Adam Gontier ), Queens , Mike Shinoda ( from Linkin Park ) , The Hoobastank , Simple Plan , Green Day , Evanescence , Papa Roach ( only Last Resort ) , Breaking Benjamin , Disturbed .............. ( How long will this go ? )
This is My fourth Month on WBO , and I am enjoying it already !!!!!
Im a person of 15 yrs of age
And incredibly dedicated to studies
And a personality like "I DONT GIVE A DAMN"
Which is not appreciated by many people..
You run cross country? Same here, I can also relate to the whole never meeting another person who likes beyblade and getting made fun of for my interest in it...
i live in indiana and i am 12 years old. i play lacrosse. i have been into beyblade for a little over 1 year now. I have a collection of 71 beys.
Im 13 years old ive been into beyblade since i was 6 and my personality is the kind that laughs alot
And i pass with A s or high B s
I'm 15. Well I am good at academics and top my grade. I am kinda interested in anime,music,video games, soccer.
I am extremely extrovert in nature. And I have a lot of friends and haters. And I am OK in sports. Good in soccer. Loved by many in my class
Been into beyblade since 2013.own 8 beys(twisted tempo cosmic pegasus l drago destructor lighting l drago choz valkyrie lost longinus spriggan requiem Geist fafnir)
My fav animes after beyblade-death note, naruto, dB, Tokyo ghoul attack on Titan, pokemon

Fav beyblade - Geist Fafnir choz valkyrie
Fav pokemon - necrozma, xerneas, meta gross, rayquaza, lucario, infernape
Fav Anime character - L
Fav book- Lord of the rings

I am good in a variety of multi-player games like cs go pubg league legends
I also play Many single player games on my pc

My interests are anime music books beyblade collection movies, photo editing.
Uhh Im a freshman in highschool, and I am mildly popular (not too lonely or too popular, just enough so that I get lots of friends and gossip about me). I usually get good grades, but also divide my time socializing and talking about other people on the internet. Im not a Blader
much anymore, but I did use to be a “Beytrainer” of some sort