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Full Version: Over 80 Beyblade Burst Panini stickers FOR SALE!
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Currently selling Beyblade Burst Panini stickers!  Grin
I have a box FULL of duplicate stickers I don't need anymore, so I decided to place them up for sale on my Etsy store! 


5 RANDOM stickers will be sent to buyer!

All stickers are in NEW condition and never peeled off (except for sticker 68; Daigo's legs)

It can be used for anything. It doesn't have to necessarily go on the sticker album (Not included in my auction)

Some stickers will come with character poses that are split up into two or three cards. I already have duplicates of these cards and I decided to sell them off for 3.00 dollars / francs etc. per 5 random stickers. (Buy it Now) 

International buyers have to pay 2.99 for the shipping fee and local European buyers will have Free Shipping. 

Thanks for looking around my auction! Smile

[Image: beyblade_burst_panini_stickers_for_sale_...co0l9r.png]

Also, in relation to the sales of these stickers, you are more than welcome to subscribe to my channel!

Plus, if you are interested in checking out my merch realted to my Youtube channel, it would make me glad as a puppy!