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Full Version: Beyblade Burst Original SoundTrack
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What do you guys think about the themes from Beyblade Burst?
There are some pretty good songs in this anime, sadly we don't have the single versions available
Any thoughts about releasing it in the future?

Honestly, I love both Valt and Lui's Themes
I Like the song where when valt faced lui in Season 1 and I like the theme when valt was getting his ultimate reboot driver
There was a really cool theme they played when Gou made an appearance. I can't remember the episode though.
In God VS SUPER Z series voting campaign event, one of the prize is a Playbutton which contains the opening and ending song of SUPER Z series.

[Image: img_present__05.png?1531306310]

I am wondering if the songs included are full versions, and would those song be arrived on any sort of platform.

I hope there will be full version of all the theme songs of Beyblade Burst series anyway.
you can hear some of that on my channel
I think that Clio's theme is a bit weird and over the top. It's an organ. I mean it fits with the whole vampire theme but...Really
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I love Cilo's theme, its so much fun to watch him go over the top and play.
my favorite theme is the one that plays in the round of free/valt when free's arm gives out, and it also plays from what i remember in the finale of burst god, it plays a few times throughout the series but those are the ones i most remember, its so good and makes me cry every time, i wish i could listen to it. beyblade has always had a fantastic ost and i really hope that it and the full ver of the openings get released orz