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Full Version: Where can I watch? (Website)
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Hello, what are the best websites I can use to watch Beyblade Burst Chou-Z episodes subbed that consistently updates the subbed episode count? I've already found this website:
Kickassanime is good too
Kissanime’s pretty good too, but only if you can close the ads and pop ups quickly Smile
found this site on other thread, it doesn't have any annoying ads
Today I am Found a New Website of Beyblade Burst Chou-Z this website available both version eng sub and eng dub
All of Chozetsu is subbed on
No ads or anything.
I suggest you watch in Gogoanime or Kissanime they have all bryblade series i think there's subs and dubs but kf Beyblade Metal Fury they only hev DUB i think idk