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Full Version: Is This A Competitive Spinning Top?
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Will anyone be at the beytuber brawl

For the side tournament we did
Ardomore bladers placed first
Crimson chin placed second
Hyper xeno placed third
And sparer squash placed fourth
Thanks to everyone specialy MaXBox360
For helping us judge see you guys next time 3 2 1 let it rip ?
thanks for the special thanks hyper xeno:) :???:
Hey @[Yami], can you share the results sheet for this tournament? Thanks!

Everything is good but some users needs to be made. But I've lost the notebook for those users emails.

User accounts that needs to be made.
Kidswag (It's not @[kidswag])
Golden arrow
Gogo (It's not @[gogo] this guy from Greece)
Husky (it's not @[husky])
Christopher X

@[~Mana~] @[Kei]

Fee's is also submitted as well with other tournaments fees.
Hey @[Yami], I've created several of the new accounts and found a couple you couldn't find. Can you update spreadsheet and also double check the existing accounts I found to make sure they are the proper ones?

New Accounts Created
Christopher X

Existing Accounts?
Golden arrow = Goldenarrow
TheBladeMaster = The blademaster
supercanon = Supercanon
@[Kei] @[Yami] Are we sure that Christopher X isn't actually Christopher kx? Based on the similar names and tournament history I think they might be the same person. Though, that account has already been split in half, unfortunately.
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