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Full Version: Selling my Beyblades and Pokemon cards
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I and my family are shifting so wanted to sell our Beyblades (and Pokemon cards).I need to sell these urgently as I have a lot of them.

I can list some names:- shogun steel 1) Ifrit metal wheel 2)behemoth metal wheel 3)salamander metal wheel 4)genbu metal wheel 5)golem metal wheel 6)poison metal wheel(mfb) 7)Perseus metal wheel(mfb) 8)some spare spin tracks and tips (mfb and shogun steel). Beyblade burst:- 1)kerbeus k1 wing Defense (fake) 2)odax triple extreme. If you need any dual layers then feel free to ask .Some more dual layers added:- 1)storm spriggan 2)Victory valkory(worn variable) 3)Xeno Xcalibur 4)rising ragnarauk 5)spriggan (s1)wing defence(fake) If you need any other dual layers including random booster prizes please post on this thread.Also have a fake grip and a little used sword launcher (launched 7 to 10 times ) and one brand new .I also have some fake plastics. I also have a lot of launchers and ripcords(mfb) .also 3 dragon ripcords (1 worn down) and 2-3 hms launchers(hms launchers are fake but work ).Also selling random mfb beys. Also selling some fakes,will upload their names soon .PM for prices now . I will post them on the thread soon .

I also have 715 Pokemon cards .150 EXand GX cards . PM me for prices . I will post the prices of these on the thread in a while. Not necessary you buy all of them.PM me for details.

If you need any other dual layers including a rare random booster prizes . Feel free to PM me. If you want to trade your Beyblades for my Pokemon cards please PM me.
Dude if anyone is interested please leave a reply
Pics and condition of Pokemon cards?
Also, please do not list or sell fakes on the forums ^_^
How many Beyblades total?
Pokemon cards are in mint condition . PM me your whatsap number and i’ll Send you the pics.also which Beyblades :- mfb or burst .please reply to the pm I sent you.
What random booster prizes do you have?
I have a q2
(Jul. 08, 2018  3:46 PM)Battleburst Wrote: [ -> ]I have a q2

Anybody in India can buy Q2 (Quad quetziko) for ruppes 900 with xcalibur  ( )
Okay dude
How much for GX cards and some EX
And what special ones do u have there
Send you a pm
(Sep. 10, 2018  5:20 AM)Turbo blader Wrote: [ -> ]Bump!!!!!

Why are you bumping other's thread, it's of no use.
(Sep. 10, 2018  5:23 AM)Adarsh Abhinav Wrote: [ -> ]
(Sep. 10, 2018  5:20 AM)Turbo blader Wrote: [ -> ]Bump!!!!!

Why are you bumping other's thread, it's of no use.

Hey,he’s just helping ,thanks for the bump though,still selling these