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Full Version: UK, Looking for a small list of trusted sellers
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Hi, Recently came back to Beyblade after a few years break and I have no idea where to buy from.

I'm from the UK and most trusted sellers I'm coming across are US based.

Basically looking for trusted sellers on eBay and other websites that sell Takara Tomy.

I’ve got one, but because I see the same question everywhere and ceebs to copy it into my answer every time, it’s in my signature now.

You’ll find a list there of almost every God / Super Z that has been released, and the cheapest price we found on it (along with a highly trusted seller and fast shipping), skyliners2012, and aicmini are my trusted sellers, but others might have some more
I'm Uk based

I've got some shipments due in june

winning valkyrie
z achillies
screw trident
and possibly some blades from the random booster 9 (aren't the prize) 
dragoon f

I currently have Dragoon s burst edition

all bnib
Many of us buy from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. leosama's thread lists many of these good sellers. Just adjust the URL address to be `` instead of the Australia one.
Thanks for the replies. I noticed that some Beys, the same Bey has packaging with Takara Tomy and others have the Takara Tomy but also have a green elephant next to them. Are those ones fake?
No, it is legit. The green elephant is the logo for Young Toys, the distributor for South Korea.

Sonokong was the company that used to actually make the Beyblades for South Korea, just like Hasbro does for much of the west. But for Burst, it looks like they just use Takara-Tomy Beyblades with Korean packaging, stickers, instructions, etc. So if you ever see a Korean Burst bey (which you can tell by the writing on it, if you can recognize the difference between Korean and Japanese), it must have both the Takara-Tomy and Young Toys logo to be legit.

The only difference between YT-managed beys and pure TT is that all the YT bey writing is Korean and it doesn't have the stuff for the Beylogger (or at least the points thing?).