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Full Version: Beytuber Brawl
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(May. 21, 2018  2:19 AM)beymaster35 Wrote: [ -> ]wait how come the wide stadium is illegal

It requires a different playstyle that most people are not used to
oh, I understand now
Just two questions that I haven't seen answered: Do the clips have to be attached to the stadium (I hate having to take them off, and I would need to do that in my videos due to the camera angle) and can someone that isn't in the WBO join (i.e. a younger friend that I could teach the rules to easily)?
can u make a tornonment in Fremont California please

hi wish i could com
(May. 22, 2018  4:36 AM)Arianvp Wrote: [ -> ]can u make a tornonment in Fremont California  please

hi wish i could com

@[EpicTurtwig] Found someone for you. @[Arianvp] EpicTurtwig shall be organising a tournament near future I guess
I can make a trade standard roe wide

For wide
Well I want to but I can't, but I am trying be be a beytuber
K1mbo blast zone kid illunic your all going down can't wait too meat you

Am I able to judge
thx he sent me a message to
Your all going down bring it on???
(May. 23, 2018  8:21 PM)Subzero6913 Wrote: [ -> ]Your all going down bring it on???

we shall see about that
We shall I am going to take you down beytuber style
What if it rains?
like I seaid before wee shall see about that hyper xeno
will there be a metal event after the primary tournament
Over 90 so far!? woah
(May. 25, 2018  6:10 AM)Real_ilinnuc Wrote: [ -> ]Over 90 so far!? woah

With another month to go, We might have to make this a Two-parter. (I hope not tho)
I'm flying out and only can stay basically the day so I hope not
I can't believe it, if it's over 90 then this is gonna be harder and I'll get more pumped up
There goes 12 hours of my day.

Whenever there is a tournament i wake at like 6, fall back asleep, wake up at 8 fall back a sleep, and then make my way to the tournament
(May. 16, 2018  11:15 PM)Blader Apple YT Wrote: [ -> ]
(May. 11, 2018  5:42 AM)LiquidCode20 Wrote: [ -> ]Good luck everyone! Wish i can go too! but i cant! oh well! Excited to see videos of the event from all the beytubers!!!

I am subscribed to your channel

thank you for the sub! i really appreciate the support!

90+ beybladers? Wow! That will take a long time to finish!
I will be flying in from ga, and if you aproch me I may not say much since I'm an introvert with new people
(May. 08, 2018  2:36 AM)Hyper xeno Wrote: [ -> ]You won’t beat me I always make it to the finals

Get Ready For You Biggest Challenge This Is Going To show Your Power
Can’t wait
We are so excited. Booked the trip tonight...
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