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Full Version: Durham (ON) Community? (Near Toronto, Canada) – Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa
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Hey all,

My name is Kyle – I used to run a website called Street Beyblade 15 years ago lol.

Curious if there's a community in Pickering/Ajax/Whitby/Oshawa? Looking to play with 18-35yo only.

I haven't touched Beyblades since ~2003 (?), but thought it would be fun to play casually here and there. I just picked up 12 Metal Beyblades (i.e.: Fang Leone, Galaxy Pegasus, etc.) and a BB-33 stadium.

Additionally, I have a home in Ajax and would welcome a small number of players if you wanted to make use of the space / make an occasional day out of it.

Open to getting into Burst...but I'd like to see if I can get mileage out of Metal first (...if people will actually play around here.)

Cheers – you guys rock.

Welcome to the WBO! There are a few bladers that come to our Toronto events from out east. Not sure about their usernames.
I'll compile a list at our next event on May 12th ^_^

Not many in the age group you are asking for though.

Anime North Friday May 25th we'll be hosting a Metal Fight Limited tournament. Saturday will be Burst.
Thanks so much, OldSchool.

At the very least, three of my friends want to play (albeit not continually.)

Much appreciated and have a wonderful week.
Hey @[Street Beyblade], awesome to see you here!

I feel like I’m probably almost the only active user left here who was active in the community even close to the period when you ran Street Beyblade. We actually met a few years ago during an interview in an amazing stroke of fate.

Most of our events take place in Toronto, and our Burst events have sort of exploded recently in terms of attendance. Here’s a couple reports from our two latest events:

WBO tournaments are all ages (and cannot be age restricted, although we are considering implementing the ability to impose participant caps in some limited fashion in the future) and most attendees are kids or teenagers, but there is a handful in the age range you’ve specified … I would say the best opportunity for you and your friends to play in an event with a larger concentration of older players (although there will still be a mix) is to come to Anime North like OldSchool™ mentioned. More details will be forthcoming, but you can find all of the current information for them posted here:

These events are special not only because they are taking place at the convention, but because they draw participants from not only Ontario, but across the US and the UK! Many of our best players travel just to attend these events. You can see my report from last year here.

Metal Fight also is not played very much anymore due to the popularity of Burst, so Anime North is a somewhat rare chance to not only play it, but play it with some top players.

Let me know if you have any questions! Would be great if you could make it out to Anime North, but also happy to help if you want to try and get something started in Durham.

You actually only need four players to confirm on the WBO that they would attend an event for it to be eligible to be posted on the site and official (although you must have 8+ for it to be ranked). If you’re able to do that, you can learn more about how to Become an Organizer here. That being said, if something were to be organized, it’s possible some of us from Toronto (who are already Organizers) may travel to play with you guys.
Hey, @[Kei] – thanks so much for the informative reply!

We will not be at Anime North, but are doing some casual stuff and I appreciate the resources you've provided.

Yes, I remember interviewing you, very cool! You ended up interning with my cousin, actually!

Great to know re: WBO participants # as well.

Thanks and have a great week!
Hey, I'm out in oshawa, I know summer is upon us so if any of you guys wanna hang out and blade, hmu, I only have plastic gen beyblades though, I got 2 dragoon gts, a wolborg 2, a wolborg 4, draciel g and a metal driger. I also have the foldable vforce portable stadium, I'm open to blading against MFB gen blades, and burst gen bladers, I'm also looking for more plastic gen blades, so you can always hit me up if you have plastic gen beys you are looking to give a new home

I also am a bit of a customizer when it comes to plastic gen beys, so feel free to bring spare parts along, we can figure out a way to maybe do a parts lottery game where we make 2 or 3 blades for each person with a random number generator site that will decide who gets what part (of course the blade bases unless they are the bases from Dranzer V2, Dragoon v2, driger v2, and draciel v2 don't have support parts so we would do a separate one for parts from the latter vforce main beys)