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Full Version: (London,England UK) Regents Park Holiday Inn meet & battle on Feb. 28?
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First of all,I am aware of the tournament that just happened. However, I am asking for this because this is my first time traveling outside the US like this,and want to meet and make friends with some of the UK Bladers.

I will be in Regents Park,at the nearby Holiday Inn at 6:00 PM on Feb. 28, 2010. It would be great if some of you would come to meet and battle me.

I will be leaving for the UK on the 24th. That gives any potential bladers 3 days to let me know if you want to meet me. Afterwards, I will probably not be reachable through the boards.

I also ask that this topic be locked on the 24th.

Thank you,and see you there!

If it's gonna be at regents park and you want it for a meet up i suggest you make the time to start about 1:00pm due to 6.00pm being quite late for most bladers.
Apparently,I can't get to the park any earlier than 6. So if it's too late,then I can't do it.
Yeah i would be happy to meet you mate as i don't live to far from regents park.
Hey BlackAce, I'll be coming with LeeDraciel Wink. Also, what type of blades will we be using?
IM THERE but how about saturday at an earlier time
Don't you read anyones posts.
(Feb. 21, 2010  8:26 PM)BlackAce Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently,I can't get to the park any earlier than 6. So if it's too late,then I can't do it.
1 . stop acting a mod
2. he neva said any thing about saturday genius Chocked
Sorry I can't come because:

1. I live in North London which is to far for me to travel.
2. For me it's a short notice.

I wish I could come because I haven't bladed in a very long time.
I'm not trying to be a mod, i'm just stating the obvious and plus the 28th is sunday. Also he may have something on saturday and he can't make it earlier than 6.00pm which obviously means he's busy any o ther time that day.
I think he means that it gets dark earlier than it supposed to be.

Oh yes and my new blades might come on Saturday so...
i would come if earlier
This was in February dude