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Full Version: Everybody Bey-Pop!
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Do you sell the new ragnarok?
(Apr. 17, 2018  5:09 PM)Lord Chronos Wrote: [ -> ]Do you sell the new ragnarok?

Seriously, it's not yet reliesed
Thx for telling me!
Yeah I’m having a bit of trouble with my account it’s password allways seems to not work no matter how I change it I’m surprised I was able to log back in
Is this event every month?
How often does the London event come around!
(Apr. 19, 2018  4:16 PM)UFO Wrote: [ -> ]Is this event every month?
How often does the London event come around!

Normally every month, yes!
how does spriggan reqrium

how much is spriggan reqrium

hi beyblade burst 02
are u selling any strike god chips or ultimate reboot if you do then what is thee price
ready for tmorrow
Hi im bringing a +2

ill be bringing a +1
Can't wait for tomorrow! (My brothers account still don't work still need help)

Is it ok if my brother can join the tournament even know what his account is not working?
I’m gonna have to leave I’m quite busy...
Just as a reminder/warning to everyone please try and arrive by 12 as this is when preparations for the tournament start. If you arrive late we won't be able to add you in.
Our never mind I am bringing +2 because the second one un cancelled

But the second I'll be there about 12:20 is that okay
Have fun everyone! Unfortunately I can’t make this one because of another club I have to go to! Good luck!
Looks like I might get there a bit early if things continue, oh well
Is the event still on I’m at bandstand location and no ones here ?
(Apr. 21, 2018  11:24 AM)UFO Wrote: [ -> ]Is the event still on I’m at bandstand location and no ones here ?

I assume it is, I am here too.
DInt start almost there
Who won?
i came 16th place
GG guys great tournament! Next time thou I will win
Had a lot of fun playing against everyone!! Will definitely try to go to more tournaments in the future
I believe i arrived first to the event got a bit concerning seeing no one for 20 minutes but all was good. great fun watching today, a lot of friendly people. Only slight concern was why was very young players going against players in 18+ saw that as but strange for obvious reasons. Apart from that great vibe from everyone will attend next time with my set of competitive beys. Expect some competition next tournament in London.

I was slightly concerned at beginning being I’m 24 and most players was yough children thought I had to be 13 but I soon saw older players which reassured me pretty quick
overall great atmosphere and a must if you enjoy Beyblades of any level.

See everyone again in a month
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