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Full Version: (Kentucky) Is anyone out there?
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Is anyone out there? In Kentucky, almost no one here battles with Beyblades. It’s pretty boring, but I still hope that there are people out there that love to battle as much as I do.
I live in Kentucky.
Eventually thinking about buying a Takara stadium and a new launcher and trying to host a tournament here in ky! (I will become organizer first)
I’m in Kentucky

We should meet up. What’s the closest city to y’all. I’m in Louisville.
Im near Lexington KY looking to start in tournaments
I live in lexington kentucky, playing with beyblades by myself gets quite boring
I'm about 45 minutes from Lexington
I having a bayblade tournament in a few weeks maybe

Im going to use my best bayblade

Happy new year
anyone having a tournament near lexington?
I’m in Southern Indiana and would go to a tournament in KY
I am no near Lexington and Louisville

But I am in Kentucky