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Full Version: bringing anime to real life(tournament style arena)
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so on another thread, we got talking about bringing arena style blading to life. that sounds really fun but the practicals seem a little difficult for my brain to wrap around so i thought i would ask for help.

problem 1 - how large/deep the dish should be, i was going to have a buddy run the numbers and then build it. but we will see how that works.
problem 2 - rules, i have a descent understanding of current rules and formats but, with changing area shapes and such, how much of an impact do you think this would be.

there are a lot of problems, but we can talk about that in this thread.
I've already started a thread on this and there's a few others too here and there. I think the stadium shouldn't be any bigger than 60cm. It's twice the diameter of the official TT Beyblade Burst stadium that's the only stadium allowed at WBO tournaments, so would allow Beys to move around freely, with clashes and with ring outs too. Some people have made full size stadiums at the approximate real life size, but watching the videos on YouTube, you can see they're just far too big, with few clashes, just Beys chasing each other and coming down to survivor finishes. 60cm (2ft) is a good size, you can make one out of a satellite dish, which also has the parabolic shape to it or even a round sled, though those have a ridge around the edge, making ring outs a bit difficult.
Welp,,,,,, going to have to mod some blades. Hahahahaha. Sounds great, what's the thread address?
(Mar. 03, 2018  1:30 AM)shochbaum Wrote: [ -> ]Welp,,,,,, going to have to mod some blades. Hahahahaha. Sounds great, what's the thread address?

Here you go;

I can't find the one I started, but it's probably been kicked back into the ether somewhere!

Oh and this YouTube channel is nothing but Bey battles on an approximate full size stadium.무적현중
That's awesome. Thank you.
If this did happen then the game would change a lot.