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Full Version: favorite Stamina combo
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hey i just wanted to know your favorite stamina combos and recomenndations in the plastic gen, mfb, zero g or/& burst

mine are:
AR: holy despell
sub AR: dragon saucer
WD: 10 balance
SG: rignt costumize gear(free shaft)
BB: nolmal base(walborg 4)
CEW: light sharp

cancer scythe(stamina) bearing drive

begirados/begirados f230 tb

drain fafnir 8 glaive atomic
Thats nice plastic combo. But tbh I think there was a thread already for it. Maybe you can make it "Your Favourite Combo Of Each Type" that would be intresting thread. But anways mine are

Attack:- Balro Balro DF105MF
Defence:- Girago Dragoon E230GCF (Its called DESTROYER OF EVERY SINGLE MOBILE COMBO. Aka defence)
Stamina:- Genbu Genbu SA165/85EWD
Balance:- Girago Dragoon BD145RDF (sorta vairent of Wyvang Dragoon but doesn't wear lol)

Attack:- Lighting L-Drago D125RF  (very classical attack)
Defence:- Gravity Persesus 85RB (Combo made by Wombat. I before didn't got much sucess but if you see its actually very versitile combo for deck. It can defenced well against most of thing  and just KO them at fast speed or outaccelate things that might ko it) . It might sound weird on but works well strategicly.
Stamina:- Scythe Geminos BD
Balance:- Bakushin Susnow 85MF (your combo would never go from my arasenal @[Arijit Sarkar])

Attack:- Zirago Zirago SA165GCF
Defence:- Gembu E230MB
Stamina:- Scythe Cancer BD
Balance:- Balro Balro SA165WSF

Plastics:- trying to keep it short
Attack:- AR:- Apollon WD:- Wide Defence SG:- HMC SP:- Fin Tactor BB:- Customize Grip base (warning this explodes)
Defence:- AR: Master Draciel WD:-  Wide Survivor SG- HMC BB:- Customize Change Base
Stamina:- 10b bistool
Balance:- DAT DEFENCE ZOMBIE (which technically is balance :andrew:)

Attack:- S2KX
Defence:- K2KO
Stamina:- A2KY
Balance:- dFPAt (pretty obvious LOL)

Edit:- @[BladerZX] you might like this thread lol
Plastic: Griffolion with large metal disc (10) and Draciel F base (it also has a good defense)
Metal Fight: Goreim Genbull F230EWD with metal face
Burst: Deathscyter (the most strong Burst layer even done by Takara, I understand why they ban it in Japanese tournaments) Gravity Gyro (or Nothing that I haven't yet got)
As for me
Scythe Cancer B: D
Duo Horogium B: D
Killerken Killerken B: D
Guardian Kerbeus. 7G. At
Maximum Garuda. 4S. Pl
Df yell revolve
phantom cancer bd
mf-h duo aquario 230 sd
genbull^2 w145 wd
genbull^2 lw160 pd
genbull dragoon f230 cf/gcf
genbull^2 f230 cf
phantom cancer w145 mf
balro^2 w145/bd145  mf
phantom bull/fireblaze bd
duo gemios bd
duo/phantom cancer w145 wd/pd
phantom cancer w145 mf
samurai dragoon f230 cf
samurai balro df 105 mf
gaurdian kerbeus gravity/spread/knuckle revolve/yeilding
deathcyther knuckle/spread/gravity yeilding/defense/orbit/revolve
blaze ragnarok 4/7 glaive/cross orbit/atomic/trans/zephyr
dark deathcyther 4/7 glaive revolve /yeilding/orbit/atomic
(Sep. 07, 2017  4:23 PM)FIREFIRE CPB Wrote: [ -> ]Edit:- @[BladerZX] you might like this thread lol

Yes :D.

For stamina, I would like to lay down the following.

Metal Fight Limited :-
MFL Scythe(Hasbro) Sagittario(2) B : D
Thermal Libra 230WD

Metal Fight Standard :-
Scythe Sagittario(2) B : D (again XD)
Phantom Cygnus 230WD
MFF Phantom Gasher SA165EWD

Zero G :-
MSFF Orochi Dragoon SA165EWD
MSFF Orochi Dragoon B : D (back to back XD)

Burst (I'm not sure about these) :-
Drain Fanfir Yell Polish Yielding / or Gyro
Blaze Ragnarok Gravity Yielding
Does H2vfl suck for stamina and is wjo good defence?
(Sep. 22, 2017  11:36 PM)Beatlynx27 Wrote: [ -> ]Does H2vfl suck for stamina and is wjo good defence?

H2 sucks due to the squarish shape and low defense, Vertical is a bad disc, and Flugel is outclassed. A better combo is something like Guardian Kerbeus/Blaze Ragnaruk 4Cross/Gravity/Spread Revolve

For W.J.O., you have the right idea, but Wyvern is somewhat outclassed. Use Neptune if Single layers, and get Alter Chronos. Jerk should be replaced by 4Glaive or 2Cross, and Orbit is good. Atomic can also be used.
I have 2 but that's it in all the pieces you listed unless you count a worn revolve that is so flat that I use it for attack