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Full Version: Wait, what? This isn't High Park...
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Join the Toronto Beyblade community on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at Dufferin Grove Park for a Beyblade Burst tournament!

Please be sure to arrive ON TIME for this tournament. We will finish registration at 12:30 PM and will begin the tournament immediately. If you think you're going to be a little bit late, let me know and we may be able to work something out. Thank you!

If you can make it, please hit the blue JOIN TOURNAMENT button at the top of this page! See you all there!

What is Beyblade Burst?
[Image: gnJ23kG.png]
Beyblade Burst is the brand new, third generation of Beyblade by TAKARA-TOMY! It launched in 2015 in Japan and Hasbro recently launched it in Canada in September 2016. If you are not familiar with Beyblade Burst, please take a look at the Beyblade Wiki article covering it, the Beyblade General Forum, and the Beyblade Burst Hasbro Topic for the most up to date information about Hasbro's release of the series internationally. 

No Bey? No Prob!
Don't have any Beyblades from this new series? No problem! We would be happy to lend a Beyblade and launcher to you to use for the duration of the event!


We'll be playing near the fire pit or around the basketball court. It is a close walk from Dufferin Stn, or two stops south from the station. If you have any questions about the location, please post here!.

Side Notes
Please be aware of your belongings: We'd advise users to please, please look after your stuff. While yes this is a Beyblade tournament and we're not suggesting that any of us would attempt to take each other's stuff it is still happening at a public venue where other people (who may not be so friendly) are going to be present as well. Of course, if you see a personal belonging lying around bring it up any of the judges so we can return it to the right person. Your co-operation is appreciated!

All players must arrive on-time: If you do not arrive at the scheduled start time, you risk being excluded from the tournament. The software we use to run our events–Challonge–does not allow us to add in extra participants once the tournament has started.

If you know in advance that you will be late, please post in this thread or contact someone at the event and depending on the circumstances we can perhaps still include you if we know you will arrive soon.

All questions for this tournament may be asked in this thread!

Not sure what to expect?
Check out footage from a previous event that took place at Dufferin Grove Park. More can be watched on BeyChannel!

Thanks for hosting this, Jesse! Happy we're going back to Dufferin Grove for a change. Smile

Box opened but parts are brand new in package
Nova Neptune J.I Jerk Impact $15.00
Holy Horusood V.J. Vertical Jaggy $15.00
N2 Q.N Quarter Needle $15.00
[Image: 3YYkb9w.jpg]
Note: Not everything pictured above is for sale. View list below

Kei's Beyblade Items For Sale
Sales are First Come, First Served, All Prices in Canadian Dollars

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B-85 Booster Killer Deathscyther 2 Vortex Hunter x1
B-87 02 Random Booster Vol. 7 - God Valkyrie 2 Flugel (Green) x1
B-87 03 Random Booster Vol. 7 - Kreis Satan Yell Spiral (Pink) x1
B-87 04 Random Booster Vol. 7 - Blaze Ragnaruk Nine Liner (Black) x2
B-87 05 Random Booster Vol. 7 - Draciel S 4 Flow Cycle (Blue) x1
B-87 06 Random Booster Vol. 7 - Dranzer S 6 Cross Spiral (White) x1
B-87 07 Random Booster Vol. 7 - Acid Anubis 8 Vortex Loop (Purple) x1
B-87 08 Random Booster Vol. 7 - Jail Jormungand 6 Glaive Nothing (Orange) x1

I will not be bringing everything to this event. If you want anything, please PM me if you haven't already and I'll be sure to bring it.
To all participants and judges:


(Aug. 12, 2017  4:23 AM)Kei Wrote: [ -> ]
IMPORTANT: Maximum Garuda God Chip Restrictions
Effective immediately, the Maximum Garuda Layer in Beyblade Burst cannot be used with any other God Chip except for the default God Chip that comes with stock mG–Maximum Garuda.8F.Fl from B-87–or the soon to be released B-91 Metal God Chip.

It was recently announced by TAKARA-TOMY that they would be implementing this same change after the discovery of a particular mold of God Chip fitting much, much tighter with other parts than other molds. You can read more about the different molds of God Chips here.

Hey guys I will see if I can go to the tournament tomorrow cause I have a big blister on my right foot cause last week on Thursday August 10th I wanted to go to upper Canada mall in new market but I had no ride to get there and I am not good at taking the bus so I speed walked and ran from my house in Vaughn to upper Canada mall in new market it was a 34 kilometer walk and after I was finished walking around the mall my phone said I walked 37 kilometers so now I will see how I will get to the tournament cause right now I use my walker to get around cause of my big blister on my right foot so I will try to get to the tournament useing my walker and I will ask my mom what buses and subway I take to get to the tournament
Ah, I hope you're okay jamie! Hopefully you can find a way to attend tomorrow without putting too much strain on your foot.

If anybody has Burst Standard Type stadiums they could bring tomorrow, please post here to let us know. Thanks!
1st : Kei
2nd: Newtype
3rd: 1234Beyblade

Congrats to everybody again today for coming! Today was very chaotic, but we had a great turnout of 12 players and it was a great success. Congrats to especially for placing for the first time ever! 

I will try to host the tournament on August 27, 2017 Grove Park so just a heads up. Tournament will be up shortly.
Thanks for hosting and for putting everything together so incredibly quickly, @[JesseObre]! Smile It was a little chaotic with all of the new kids who joined today (which I hope we see again next time!), but we got the event done quite quickly which was great to see.

And yes, congratulations to @[Newtype] for placing second in just his third (?) tournament! It seems like just yesterday you were beating Naru Blader with a Spryzen Boost Variable ... LOL.

I'll have a tournament report with photos up for this event sometime in the next few weeks after I get through the other in my queue.
That tournament was awesome cant wait for the next one
The tournament was a ton of fun!
I'm very happy about my placing and getting to try deck format for the first time.
Spryzen boost variable will still continue to be my favorite Hasbro combo but Doomscizor D2 was on another level lol.
Hey @[JesseObre], one minor thing with the spreadsheet: noticed you spelled "Sprigan" and "Fafiner" wrong. Should be "Spriggan" and "Fafnir".
New results spreadsheet:

Fixed up above spelling errors and some username errors @[JesseObre]. It's important to ensure usernames are recorded 100% accurately. Thanks!

This tournament has now also been pre-processed as part of our campaign to work through the queue of older events.