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Full Version: 5 beyblades for knives
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[Image: tumblr_orhxhtB6TO1ws3k4ho1_1280.jpg]pm me to trade knives you send first
No offence but the way this is set up is really sketchy. Maybe it's just me.
would this make it better pay half know half once you recive the beys

if i dont send beys ban my account

i just wont the money to buy this
why would you want to buy that knife? You okay?
I don't even think that it is allowed to be trading for anything outside of Beyblades (but I could be wrong), and even if I am wrong, sending a knife to somebody doesn't seem like the greatest idea on a site for spinning tops.
(Jun. 13, 2017  10:23 PM)BeyderAndy Wrote: [ -> ]why would you want to buy that knife? You okay?

Even I wonder beyhaha. I would have made deal, but is it even legal to send knife abroad lol?

Really if you want "knifes", you can get them on Amazon for like 5x less then beys.
Yeah, no. No knife trading. That definitely goes beyond what we allow, haha.