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Full Version: [St James's Park, London, UK] Half Term 19/02/10
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This would be a new, and more central location for a WBO tournament, one of the main reasons being that Regents Park is such a massive location.
We feel that this would be a lot easier for people to locate.
The details for this tournament would be more or less the same as they were for the last tournament (apart from the date), but I wanted to check who would be available on this date during the half term.

Check out:
For more information.

I might be able to come.
I'd love to come. I'll check to see if I can make the trip. I don't know London very well but I'll try my best to attend. I'll get back to you at a later date.
Yeah i'm sure that i might be able to come
Hey, I'm always interested!

Wheres ST. James park, is it that football stadium? xD

EDIT: Googled it, number 5 would be an awesome place but its obviously looks like a really busy place.

EDIT2: Carp i think my mum is working that week, D:
Lol St james park football stadium is in newcastle, little bit far out really, anyways yeah i can make this as long as im not going out as its my birthday the day before.
It is kind of far, how about somewhere, uhh else? xD
(Jan. 26, 2010  8:00 PM)Medz Wrote: [ -> ]It is kind of far, how about somewhere, uhh else? xD

Its not the newcastle one lol its not far at all for us
If it were the Newcastle one, then I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have tagged the location as "London" in the title XD
And Ash, that spot is where we're planning on having it actually.
Oh kk, how long away do you think it is Lee?
Hey i'm able to come ellz put me down and so is towelterror.
Does anyone know what time this will be hosted. If its before 11:30 then there is no way I'll be able to make it. Bristol is a long way out but I'm determined because I missed the last one.
Meet up will be at 12:00, tournament will start at 1:00, although we will wait for people who are definitely coming if needs be.
Right, put me down then I can come.
: it's pretty much the same distance as Regents Park, it's one stop on from Oxford Circus.
It is however closer to the center of London, and a much smaller (and at this time of year nicer) park.
Click on transport & info.
Hmmk, I can make it. Ill bring along a few friends who just bought mfb.
Woo my mum is off on fridays Smile 60/100 chance of coming Grin And also theres a gazeebo near by Tongue_out
Hey what number is this gonna be on the map
Well, looks like there's a good amount of interest, so I'll put this up for approval.
And sam, It'll be just above and to the left of point 5, close to toilet and food access, also close to a gazebo in case of rain.
Ok, cheers ellz.
I think I might be able to go, just need to know where it is looooool never been to regents park XD and if its a saturday or wensday i got work Unhappy
Hey, why not try reading the OP where all the information is? Wow!
OP? As in 'original post'? If so then I did but I meant where abouts in regents park and what time? oh and i found that its a friday, WOOT
Well, obviously not well enough given that there is a link to the location. Everyone else seems to have managed to comprehend the information ...
il most definitely come! Smile
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