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Full Version: Are we normal?
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Why Wbo people have doubt about yourself,
 that we are not normal? :E ?
Shaady....there is something I want to tell u since u mentioned being normal...and I really get what u wanted to say....but sadly u dont understand my opinion...

Being normal depends on everybody's point of view and personal opinion...for e.g we see dogs naked running on streets...but many times we see domestic dogs fully clothed by their masters...for us naked dogs are normal but for those who keep dogs as their pets like to dress them....for those people their dogs are normal being clothed but not in our point of view....

What I wanted to say is that...loving beyblade is normal for us....since we are into them...but for the rest of the world they are not normal similarly what is normal for them may not be normal for us.....being normal is personal opinion and depends on different point of view....thats why I said we are normal...
An important lesson taught to me by Bersillus

I hope u understand what I wanted to say...pls dont get angry....
Okay, super misleading title... The question asked here is pretty much "how to confront adults who disapprove of my hobby" rather than "are we, as a community, a bunch of abnormal people / weirdos in modern society".
First, you must figure out why you like beyblade. Why beyblade when you have so many other options? Why not chess or Go? Perhaps reading a book would suffice? Why not social media? Ask yourself why is beyblade so special to you. For me, beyblade resonates with my childhood. It reminded me of a simpler time where I don't need to worry about most things, and my imaginations can run wild. I liked the TV show, and I've been fascinated by the science behind all of it. I would spend hours trying to assemble a good combo in an attempt to revive my weakest beyblade parts, while also learning a lot about the basic principles of physics. Beyblade spiked my curiosity and imagination, and I know that absolutely nothing else had that kind of power. This is just my thoughts on this, so try to formulate one yourself. After you've done that, pitch it to your parents. If your parents have any hobbies, compare them with beyblade. This is not done out of bitter spite, but an attempt to allow your parents to resonate with you. Remember, your goal is to convince your parents, not to dismiss them for being unsupportive.
As for "Are we normal?", I don't really think it matters. Who cares if playing with beyblades is normal? We can't pursue our hobbies just by following what's "normal", because hobbies don't work that way. If it's just for the sake of fitting in a crowd, then you'll be far better off smoking a blunt or getting drunk. There are tons of people committing crime, so that must be a "normal" thing. Why wouldn't you do the same? If our lives are mundane enough to just "work until you die and leave absolutely no time for leisure", we would be living really miserable lives. Who knows why are we even important when we are only small cogs in a massive machine society runs on? Does it even matter if we just vanished when someone else can easily replace us? Trying to be "normal" limits our way of thinking, and it's not something we should strive for. There will always be a greater percentage of people who don't like a hobby than those who do, so why do we even bother at this point?
I think we are being too much normal and having too much normal talk which constantly reminds me the term "Normality" in chemistry which is a abnormal thing for me.....
Old people will always be square except when they aren't. Parents spend too many cycles worrying their spawn is going to screw up their life and end up in a gutter. Can't unclench and let somebody have a hobby that doesn't have a 1:1 relation to what they imagine the job market/social/cultural/school/ whatever is going to be. Follow your joy, look out for narcs, keep your head down.
Everyone is unique in a sense. Be it a hobby or characteristic or dressing etc. It's these little things that allows us to define who we are.

If we all did the exact same stuff have the same personality, same hobby and everyone dress exactly the same, that world would be boring as heck.

As long as you're not borrowing money to buy beys and playing so much that you neglect food,hygiene,work,studies.(i.e. obsessive) I think its just a healthy past time.
Ok I can't really add to any of this... Mainly because I am absolutely terrible with words and it seems the point has been made already. But I just wanted to add that if you find some fellow bladers that live close to you (Aka school friends that like it or WBO members near you or something of that sort), you could make a club or hang out with each other. That way if your parents see that there are other kids that like the same thing as you and are around your age, they should approve of it more. As long as the friends that you hang out with have good traits and don't convince you to steal, do drugs, etc, you should be completely fine
Don't mind who tells you what to do with your life and hobbies, just be yourself with people like you. Trust me, i'm a 27 years old engeneer, a blader, a duellist and the greatest pokemon master in my city!
I used to watch and participate in beyblade battles when I was 11, up to the age of 14/15. I'm now 26 years old and all these years in between, I did not know this became a full on sport! I proud that it's gotten to where it is now and I'm learning everything Im can on everything new about it. Age is just a number and state of mind bro. As long as your responsibilities are in order, have fun and live life because I know I'm jumping back into the beyblade world head on✌
I and a couple others in our mid 20s beyblade on break at work at a factory job. The majority of people we work with are football watching, beer drinking, deer shooting rednecks lol. Not that there is anything wrong with that stuff either. Its almost fun for us to tease them back and fourth. Do what you enjoy.
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