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Full Version: Ultimate Bladers WBBA Burst Tournament Report
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Feel free to delete if this violates any WBO rights..
With that being said, I chose to use Lost Longinus Heavy Hold (Would of used my Gravity one but I lend all 3 of my Discs out to my teammates.
Longinus performed AMAZING. And I mean absolutely amazing. In the WBBA tournaments they do it like this, You play about 6 rounds of swiss them you go into Top 4, And you play for your placing. Each blader has to earn 6 points (Instead of 2) to make the battles longer and more fun. The points are just like every other tournament, Burst equals 2 points everything else equals 1. 

Round 1:
 L2 VS. Death Sycther Knuckle Accel

Round 2:
L2 VS. Beast Behemoth Heavy Massive 

Round 3:
L2 VS. Xcalibur Spread Zypher
L2: 6PTS

Round 4:
L2 VS. Driger Heavy Fusion
(I don't know why this always gives me such a hard time)
L2: 2PTS

Round 5
L2 VS. Victory Valkyrie Wing Accel 
L2: 7PTS (1 Over Finish and the rest were Burst.)

I ended up making the top cut even after my horrible loss to Driger, I realized that I was ripping way too hard against it so I chose to take it slow in the top 4, And well you can just see where it got me. In the top 4 it's first to 2 points gets the win.

L2 VS. Driger Heavy Fusion

L2: 2PTS

Finals for 1st Place
L2 VS. Xcalibur Heavy Xtreme
L2: 3PTS (OF And BF)

Overall it was a great tournament, I placed first and plan on taking Dragoon Gravity Hold next week, The Hold driver is insane. All footage of the tournament will be uploaded under the YouTube Channel : Utoshi Dawnagonii : later on today, there's weekly tournaments hosted by Gamezilla and sponsored by the UBWBBA! Hope you all enjoyed the read, 
-Utoshi out!
Congratulations on doing so well! How many people played in this event? I've never heard of the UBWBBA before. I'm going to update your thread title to specify this as the current title suggests that it is a report from an official TAKARA-TOMY WBBA event.

It looks like there was some combos in this event that aren't necessarily in the top tier of combinations in the Beyblade Burst metagame right now; did anyone use Deathscyther, Odin, Wyvern, etc on Revolve? Or Dark Deathsyther on Defense/Orbit/etc?
UBWBBA is just a role-playing fan group.

But yo, you guys are based in Moncton, New Brunswick? You should do bigger events, it would be nice for Toronto and Montréal to not be the only active regions in Canada hah. Perhaps that will wake the west side of Canada up...
I'd love to host bigger events!
That's awesome. Smile
Excuse me, but is this on the beyblade burst app??