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Full Version: Selling Beat Lynx TH170WD (still available)
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Hello all! Im new to these forums, but excited to be here! Beyblades were a huge part of my childhood, and even now I love the Metal series toys :)

If I've set this up wrong, please let me know! I'm hoping to sell my TH170WD Beat Lynx, a very cool addition to anybody's 4D System collection! I got this beauty a few years ago as the best Christmas present ever, lol, back in 2012 maybe?

[Image: pmBIwrJ.jpg]

I know Rapidity beys are a huge concern, and it seems it's an issue with the Beat Lynx and other rare beys especially. However, I assure you this is the legit bey. I cannot remember whether I got it from a booster or starter (the launcher is from a different bey lol), so I'm not sure if it's sonokong or Tomy. It is likely sonokong, but my bad memory doesn't help. I apologize for the inconvenience.

It is in a good condition, however there are a few sad things. Unfortunately, I lost the decals! So if the decals are a must have for you, look no further :( There are no chips except for a small scratch on the face bolt from a mishap with disassembling it, lol.

I will also include the LL2 launcher seen in the photo if you want.
I believe these sales forums are more for large shops that individual beys, so sorry if I screwed this up xD

Im taking offers on this, because I don't know how to price it

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Pm sent Smile
(Oct. 19, 2016  6:11 PM)Chaitanya Breed Wrote: [ -> ]Pm sent :)

Hello! It seems the pm did not go through :( does it just take some time, or does it need to be resent? Sorry!
Oppsy :p. I guess I pressed Save as Draft button instead.

Now actual PM sent

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