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Full Version: Selling brand new Dragoon MSUV white
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This isn't a thread I ever thought I would be making..... But here it is, I suppose.

After recently getting in to Airsoft I have come to the conclusion it is time to part with my Dragoon MSUV. This isn't what I would like to do, but unfortunately it has to come to this.

Pictured below you can find an image of the Beyblade, and there are more pictures available if required via PM.

Please PM me offers, tracked shipping is free within the UK, but overseas please message me. The Beyblade will be sent in a cardboard box marked fragile, with plenty of bubble wrap inside to protect it.

[Image: msuv.jpg]
In my dreams, unfortunately I don't possess $100-250 to afford such a bey, especially NIB, XD nice to see a picture though
I can give u 120$ for dragoon msvu
(Apr. 17, 2017  1:36 PM)Tysondragoong Wrote: [ -> ]I can give u 120$ for dragoon msvu

This is a pretty rare beyblade and they usually sell for at least $150.
(Apr. 17, 2017  1:36 PM)Tysondragoong Wrote: [ -> ]I can give u 120$ for dragoon msvu

I will take it at this price.
Isn't an nib msuv worth big bucks nowadays. 120 is nowhere near the price for an nib one, maybe a mint one. Ebay lowest I seen in ages is £220 for nib so wbo I'm assuming people sell at like £200 minimum for an nib one.
Whatever, the seller did not respond to the PM after all.
Hello, do you still have MSUV for sale?