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Full Version: beyblade attack stamina
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Try putting a face bolt [any face]
put wolfs energy ring/clear wheel
put a rock fusion wheel
put 100[or any low spin track]
put RF or R2F
thats attack

and as for stamina
put any face bolt[orion works best]
put libra's energy ring
put a flame fusion wheel
put df145
for the performance tip put wd
you can try face [any face]
l drago energy ring
clear wheel lightning fuison wheel
sw145 b

that is a balance type
we already have a list of best combos ever made.

also my combo:-

put any face
put aqurio's energy ring
put duo fusion wheel
put BGrin 4D bottom and boom! you have almost impossible to OS combo! [save destabalizer and left spin]

put MSF-H
put 2 Wyvang or Flash and Cetus energy ring
put dark bull's spin track
put Meto L-Drago absorb's tip and boom you have best attack combos!

edit:- . please close this thread
thats awesome
thank you so
I saw them you like mr legend blader