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Full Version: questions
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hi i like to know who has wii u and a ps3 and i like to change my name and plz message me what one to have plz
This thread doesn't require in this place and this could be asked in Questions about WBO. Close this.
and so i don't care ok
owen howard, you have to respect forum etiquette, and that notably means posting in the right place and searching around the site to see if there is not already a topic for this or that subject. In this case, there are definitely threads for people who own a Nintendo WiiU and for those who own a PlayStation 3, and people have already all posted their contact details there if you are interested. Those topics are located in the forum that makes the most sense, called "Video Games".

As for changing your name, we also have a topic about Usernames in the General Discussion forum, but keep in mind that you can only change your username once every month, so you should choose a name that you really like personally, not that someone else likes.