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Full Version: Pokemon Fusion Thread!
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Pokemon fusion is a computer game where you take two pokemon and they are "fused" together.
post pictures and your favorite fusions here!

link to website:

DitKarp, a fusion between Ditto and Magikarp. It takes the face of Ditto ,and the body of Magikarp. Such a funny beast haha.
I'm on mobile, so I can't pot pictures, but Sandpie (Caterpie and Sandshrew) and Volther(Voltorb and Scyther).
try exeggnite (exeggutor and dragonite). the derp is strong with this one.

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This. Definitely.
(Mar. 22, 2016  3:23 AM)YggdrasilWyvern Wrote: [ -> ]

Chanto, the fusion between Ditto and Chansey.

Omaorb as well.
(Mar. 23, 2016  3:11 PM)MiddayOBWL Wrote: [ -> ]This. Definitely.

Lol that looks so funny

If you do Uxie and Igglybuff it is so cute The weird is strong with this one.

Also, anything with Pidgey on the left sounds incredibly weird