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Full Version: Vote for the Best Uncustomized Zero-g Beyblade
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Hello I decided to make a poll for the best uncustomized zero-g beyblade.
The Rules

Vote by how the beyblade preforms in a zero-g stadium.
Do not vote by how the beyblade preforms in the Manga or Anime.
Please vote a maximum of two each person.
I will add more rules later if it seems like they are needed.

If I forgot any zero-g beyblades please mention it and I will try to add it.
I am sorry if a thread like this already exists once again please mention it.

Have fun voting!
I don't think you can add more than one vote per person.

I might go for Samurai Pegasis W105R2F but I'm not sure.

EDIT: Oh wait, I think you can vote more than one, LOL NVM.
Bahamian by far. It was a pretty unique mix match that worked. The gf msee Bahamdia run around the stadium gliding through the center, and the sp230 track eped against opponent attacks. I compare it to bacon and chocolate. They sound disgusting when you hear about it, but jeez they can go together well! This is the kind of combo I live for!
i think its Gladiator Bahamadia SP230GF [due to GF it's extremely good for Sway Attack. tough i dunno how good SP230 is] and Ronin Dragooon LW160BSF [due to it's left spin lol]

btw i don't have much experiance with Zero-G stadiums. but i think Samurai Ifreid and Thief Phonix should be as good as GB. also Archer gargolye should be ok too