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Full Version: Layer - Deathscyther
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The first paragraph was already written on Beyblade Wiki.

Quote:'''Weight: 7.9 grams'''

The Deathscyther Layer features a four-bladed design with very smooth sides. It is based off of common depictions of Death as an entity with a skeletal design that uses scythes to attack. As such, the Layer features a hooded skull design.

The colored plastic underneath the transparent casing is focused in the center as well as on half of the perimeter and its three teeth are in descending order, meaning that the first one is very tall, that the second tooth is just slightly shorter than the surrounding ring in the middle and that the third one is small.

Due to its smoothened features and the weight concentration that allows for a pendulum or flywheel effect, it excels in Stamina. Without huge impacts with momentum, opponents are unable to use one of its protrusions to destabilise it or push it in reverse to make it skip over one of its teeth, especially since the first one in the series is tall, following the trait of Layers labeled as Attack types by the producer. Therefore, in a Stamina battle, it holds it ground and can spin almost undisturbed until the end.

===Use in Stamina Customizations===
Deathscyther can be put to good use in the combination '''Deathscyther Heavy/Ring/Spread Defense/Survive'''. Since the Defense Driver provides slightly more stability than Survive, it is able to withstand some hits and suspend the precession for as long as possible.

In mobile Stamina customizations, Deathscyther is also capable of outspinning opponents by avoiding contact with them, such as in the '''Deathscyther Heavy/Spread/Ring Accel/Blow/Zephyr''' combo.

This Layer is top-tier for Stamina combos, especially with the Odin Layer currently banned in World Beyblade Organization tournament play. Unlike Odin, it has its flaws but remains at the top of its category without any contenders.

I am not too sure about some descriptions, for some reason I had no real inspiration to write this. So, if you have better wording suggestions, I would be happy to get them.
you might want to mention that the layer is a tad bit unbalanced, but has little to no impact on performance.
(Feb. 08, 2016  2:54 AM)Flame~Capricorn Wrote: [ -> ]you might want to mention that the layer is a tad bit unbalanced, but has little to no impact on performance.

While this is true, I have actually found my first DeathScyther was unbalanced. It wobbled a lot during battle, and a few other members have had this problem, too. That's not to say that most DeathScythers are like that, and is likely a small margin, but I think it should possibly be mentioned.
The current draft on Deathscyther on Beyblade Wiki mentions that, but I had chosen not to really mention it and to instead focus on this weight distribution creating a flywheel effect. Because, just like Basalt, even if it looks like it is imbalanced and might be imbalanced sometimes, overall it is so good that this is perhaps negligible ?
Alright, this is published, thank you to those who helped.

While this topic will get moved to the Approved Drafts sub-forum, you can always post here if you disagree with something. I am really trying to install a pace where drafts get approved first, so you have got to jump and reply early if you object to some elements of the draft.
Hey! Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but this article & others involving Deathscyther should probably be edited so that the part about Odin being banned is removed Smile
Thanks for that @[The Supreme One]! I've updated the article accordingly! Smile