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Full Version: [1/9/2016] New Year's Rumble Royale {Silver Spring, MD}
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Happy new year everyone!
Here's to a stellar year of blading for everyone! This one's a doozy so you definitely won't want to miss out!

[Image: battle%20royale%20poster_zps1f9fvkzo.png][Image: gauntlet_zpsgpak0b5r.gif]


Mystic Emporium
7896 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Directions: The store is on the second level in the row of shops. It is easy to not realize you're driving past. I highly recommend you call them for parking information: (301) 273-3211

Limited noon-2:30
Battle Royale 2:30-3:00
Burst 3:00-4:30
Blader Gauntlet Challenge 4:00-5:00

$5 store fee to pay our gracious host Mystic Emporium, if you win standard you'll get part of this back as store credit!
$5 to participate per official WBO tournament or
$15 for a blader passport that covers the cost of all your tournaments for the year
Blader Passport Holder Exclusive: $3 fee for Battle Royale and Gauntlet Attempt (not WBO official)

DO NOT COME WITHOUT MONEY! While we all love the WBO none of us have the free cash to cover the cost for everyone to play! Also, I will have a substantial amount of Bakuten Shoot, Burst and MFB blades and gear available for purchase! So if you want to get competitive in Burst or refresh your arsenal in either of the previous two generations (including rare plastics/HMS, Takara Orange F230, Zero-G Attack Stadiums and mint Wyvangs) bring some money (I am able to take credit cards!)



Battle Royale: A format original to this tournament, inspired by the classic Beyblade G-revolution episode, all bladers launch at once and compete against everyone! First blader to win 3 rounds win! Switch your beys as often or as little as you want! I'll be bringing a special extra large stadium just for this! Included as a part of the additional $3 participation fee!

Blader Gauntlet: Do you have what it takes to defeat a Bey from every format? I will set out the one Bey from each format I intend to use before you start and you elect one Beyblade from your format of choice or one Beyblade from each matching format with which to attempt to defeat all of them! If you succeed, fabulous prizes await! Normal 3/5 matches! One attempt is included as a part of the additional participation fee! Once everyone has had the opportunity to try, as time permits, multiple attempts are allowed!


1st $15 store credit + blader rewards credits + gold face
2nd $10 store credit + blader rewards credits + silver face
3rd blader rewards credits + bronze face
1st Random Booster 1 Opened Beyblade + blader rewards credits + gold face
2nd Random Booster 1 Opened Beyblade + blader rewards credits + silver face
3rd Random Booster 1 Opened Beyblade + blader rewards credits + bronze face

Rumble Royale
1st Beyblade from Plastics Grab Bag
2nd Beyblade from Plastics Grab Bag
3rd Beyblade from Plastics Grab Bag

Blader Gauntlet
Success= Beyblade from ALL FORMATS grab bag


night wing 247
Greninja Master
NICE! Hyped for this.
Although it's already listed, I'm a strong maybe. I'm under the impression the Battle Royale is Plastics, is that correct?

And the Blader Gauntlet sounds dangerously close to my Everything Format idea. If Time permits, could this potentially become an idea for future events (or even this event instead of the gauntlet challenge)? Don't know about anyone else but I would be so down to compete in this kind of tournament.
@[Wombat] while that's a really cool idea and somethin I'd be game to try in the future from a time perspective I don't think we can make it happen at this event. At the moment, I was planning to do the royale in MFB because I think the matches will be too short otherwise, I could however be persuaded into plastics for it since I know you'd like to play some Bakuten shoot. If the tournament moves well we may even be able to add a Plastics event at the end since they literally take 45 minutes usually.
I have to say I love the graphics. Good luck with this one. I love how you organize all these side events. It makes them so much more fun.
Oh cool! I'm definitely coming to this event! But put me on maybe for now until I can confirm that I'm going.
Sure, confirm me.
Like the last event, I'm a maybe. I have to see if I can make it to this one, it sounds like it's going to be a blast. Merry christmas and let it rip!
Alright, confirm me unless something pops up at the last minute. Which 5 formats are going to be used for the Gauntlet, and will the Battle Royale be Standard or Limited?

@[Stars] and @[*Ginga*], you two are going to EMS Xcaliburs once they are released so you can have them by this event, correct? Would you mind getting an extra one I can buy at the tournament?
Yo, glad to hear you can make it! I'll shoot you a PM.
I'm a maybe for now
Awww, I so wish I could make this, but my break ends this week and I'm not available next weekend.

Looks like this's going to be awesome, though. Anyone who can make this totally should!
I should be able to make it! Put me as confirmed to join!
Hey guys, I'll be selling the following:

1x – Xcalibur Force Xtreme (offer)
5x – 1 complete Burst beyblade (you pick from a random set of Layers, DIsks, and Drivers). $5

The complete Burst beyblade is perfect for anyone looking to get started in burst without paying high import costs.

Dang that's a great deal by *Ginga*. You'll never be able to buy one that cheap so make sure you bring some extra money.
The plan is now to play an HMS tournament after everything else, time permitting, so bring those beys as well! With the tournament just a couple of days away now I would encourage everyone attending to go ahead and confirm they have a ride to the event. Looking forward to seeing some new faces! Please remember almost everyone is due for a new passport at this point on top of the store and side events fee! Ginga and I will both have a large quantity of items available for purchase at low, low prices so I encourage everyone to bring extra money as well!
Cool! My Valkyrie and Spriggan will be ready for battle!
Great tournament guys
I have the worst luck with burst random boosters I've bought over 18 from one set and not one trident thats around 200 flippin dollars my luck = 0
What a day of Bey it was! Full of new members and hopefully new fans alike! We ended up with 12 participants across the three formats and two side events we played! One of the big reminders of the day was how difficult it can be to beat straight stamina! @[Lady Ramkin] ragnarket with it! Thanks to mystic emporium for hosting!
Since they're probably the least interesting results-wise side events first!
Managing to run the gauntlet were geetster99 and beymaster15963! All I knew before showing them my beys was whether they wanted to use one from each format or one beyblade overall! Each participant then had the opportunity to assemble their beys! Quite a fun format it was! Something I'll definitely be bringing to anime north if I attend! geetster99 ran it with a flash staller and beymaster15963 did it with dragooon f230! Many others came very close as well!
In our battle royale (videos coming soon, it was super fun!) after 5 rounds of play *Ginga* managed to take 3 round wins! We played 7 rounds anyways to see if anyone could catch up! They could not!
Side event prizes:
geetster99: Hyperblade Wolborg 2
beymaster15963: Purple Earth wheel
*Ginga*: Griffolyon
Winners were shuffling through my parts selling box before I even had a chance to sort out what would be included as prizes or not so the prizes ended up being quite valuable!

On to Burst:
1st: Time
2nd: @[Stars]
3rd: @[geetster99]

Stars and geetster99 took Burst RB1 as their prize, but unfortunately did not pull Trident. After that and all my other sales, knowing I had ordered 3 cases, we ended up with 6 Trident remaining among 15 boosters! Once everyone heard those odds, almost my remaining boosters quickly flew off the shelves (or out of my selling box in this case!). @[Wombat] pulled one out of the three he bought and of the one she bought Lady Ramkin got one as well!

On to Limited
1st: geetser99
2nd: Wombat
3rd: Time

Despite a couple of stupid losses (including against right-spin stamina using F230) I managed to take third and give myself the opportunity for the podium trifecta in HMS!

1st: geetster99
2nd: Time
3rd: Stars

and I did it!
Bronze, Silver, and Gold faces for me! Along with three podium faces for geetster99 and the rest shared between Stars and Wombat! It's beginning to look like I have a shot for number one overall when the Burst Beypoints system debuts! Stay blading! Peace!

You have to download HMS for some reason! Please check them over for any errors!
Fees submitted and winning combinations posted:
One of the big stories throughout the day was that geetster99 only needed one combination in each format in order to podium in all!

P.S. Our soundtrack of the day was Imagine Dragons and the Beyblade V-Force OST!
Hey guys I just realized I'm missing a black ripcored lr launcher wondering if anyone found it
Another set of tournaments processed. Of course, only the Faces and Credits from the Burst and HMS formats were distributed, and even then the eight-Credit-maximum-per-weekend rule came in effect for four people I think. Let me know if you notice any mistakes and congratulations again to everybody.