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Full Version: Super Spectacular WBOAnniversary Holiday Bash Raleigh NC {USA} 12/19/15
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Date December 19th, 2015.

Venue: Game Theory
Pleasant Valley Promenade, 6260 Glenwood Ave,
Suite 109, Raleigh, NC

Format: Round Robin Limited

Fees $5usd Game Theory Fee. This event is free entry fee due to the WBO Anniversary!!!

Prizes Store Credit

Time Registration begins at 11am tournament begins at Noon.

1. Dark_Mousy
2. Ritsuka
3. Zachbob
4. Thunder Dome
5. Defstamina88
6. Ethanq42
I should be able to make this one.
A little over a week away. Im beyond excited for this!!!
Hope we can see the attendance list grow a bit before the event Smile
im should be confirmed
I'm bad at limited, but I'm prepared for any trainwreck I shall experience.
Good luck to everyone tomorrow, it will really be cool to see some faces that I haven't seen in a long time.
Super hype! See you all in 4 hours!
We gonna make the 7 people?
We will have at minimum 7 ppl. Ill see everyone at 11 or right after!!!
Currently at starbucks. Be there in 7 minutes
1st Place: ZachBob
2nd Place: Titan Tite
3rd Place: Dark_Mousy

Awesome tournament today. Everyone was so energetic and positive, I had a lot of fun. And special thanks to titan tite for giving me a clear plastic cancer wheel and for rooting me on the whole time. Grin

Here's a little something I just put together. Grin
Congrats everyone! Thanks for the great event and footage!
I saw the video and i cant help but notice DefStamina still has the launcher card i made him from years ago! Also congrats to winners its great to see that u guys r still playing!
Results are in. Thank you ZachBon for helping out with this
(Dec. 29, 2015  6:11 PM)ZachBob Wrote: [ -> ]No problem Smile

And here's a real link Tongue_out_wink
Super Spectacular WBO Anniversary Holiday Bash Spreadsheet

I was copying and pasting straight from the text message hah. But thank you for being awesome. You're a blessing to the community.
This event is now processed. Let me know if you find any mistakes, but as a seven-player tournament it should be simple and clean enough.