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Full Version: [Maryland, USA] Maryland Beybladers
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Ok BB-10's MFB/Plastic HMS?
MFB only, can't afford to use my HMS. XD
MFB Then.

4 People confirmed?
I'm available, put me on the confirmed list.

I'll be willing to co-host, if you need me.
I'm not confirmed I'm a maybe so far. I will get on it tomorrow and try to bring some friends that will never come as usual...
Alright Tech you may co host i mainly want you guys "hostable" in your area. Like i feel bad forfor geester mmom for driving at least an hour to MLK so i practically want him to host around Baltimore area he can host at Xandu games (he can ask OtsuOtsu for more information)

Also FYI it my sorta birthday weekend so let make it happen and big Smile
Anyone ready for me to put this in proposal?
Bump King.

Who's up for plastic and HMS tournament in spring?

Bumped like a boss Wink
You can definitely confirm me. Shall we co-host, or should you/I host it?
Co-hosting would be better.

Loction: Martian Luther King park on Jackson Rd Silver Spring MD 20904

Date: TBA (Spring Wise)

Time: Registration 11:00 to 12:30 show up on time please Tournament should start NO later then 1:00 PM

Prize: TBA Very Small

Format:Most likely Round Robin. HMS/Plastic will go back to back but depending how many people are interested in HMS or Plastic.

*Ginga*-confirm format.

Just confirm me. I should be available.
Can you put me down as a maybe for this one im not sure yet
HMS, guys. The interest is growing... Eee

I want you all to come up with a date. If I can make it, I'll host it.
Put me as a maybe it depends on when I might be able to
I am up for March 9th. It will be a Saturday, and at MLK park. Tech, I can co-host.
OK, it seems like the decided date for HMS and Plastics is March 9th, which will be a Saturday, at MLK Park, our usual tournament location.

Stars will host Plastics, and me and Tech will co-host HMS. As of right now we need to develop a confirmed list, so we can put in a proposal! I will edit this post as people say whether or not they can come.


Confirmed (HMS):
• *Ginga*
• Tech
• Stars (can't be sure though)
• *AJ*

Confirmed (Plastics):
• *Ginga*
• Tech
• Stars
• *AJ*


I am PMing anybody who was able to do our previous Plastic and HMS tournaments.

sign me up for both rock bison is ready!
Richmond Tournament posting. Can anyone up there make it? Love to have our neighbors come down. Have a bunch from the N.C. area coming up as well.
Let me know!

Tournament Name: Richmond Va. Chaos Rising 3.0
Location: Richmond, Va - One eyed Jacques
Time: 10:30 Registration Start time 11:00pm Please note time change

Date: 3/10/2013
Format: Full RR (for now)
Fees: Standard WBO fees $5.00 store fees. $5.00
Ginga it still too cold even tho we're called for early spring.

Pick something later in the date
a week later bump.

As Arupaeo told you guys we're having a tournament and i'm HOSTING IT, Late in March which i'm guessing it 23rd or 30th.

While were at it I'm going to make a poll for Beyday for may either choice of Zero-G or BB-10 attack stadium. Also there will be no HMS nor Plastic during Beyday due to too much people and I have to focus on the main event importantly.

Who is down for HMS right after Zero-G tournament in March, Yes were gonna revive old school now!
Heck, yes, all the way!
Okay guys i got it confirmed date it March 24th Sunday Zero G format also we can have HMS tournament after that!

Proposal will be done tonight!
Who is MLK convenient for really? I know its been Arupaeos location for a long time, but is it really close to any of us? Geester is in Baltimore, I'm in Bethesda, and I know its not close for Tech, has there been any searching into a different locale?
Bethesda isn't that far from MLK... over exaggerating a bit. We did have a tournament in Silver Spring a few times when Otsu was host. It was crowded but not as much people as our usual tournaments at MLK park. Dakota picked a good place to have tournaments for Spring/Summer/Fall. And Aru usually uses hotel rooms for winter. Montgomery County has the most populated bladers in the Maryland Community. I don't mind a different locale but think about it..... all of the competitors, gaining points. Aru's is smart to have tourneys at MLK Park.
what do you mean by gaining points?
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