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Full Version: [Maryland, USA] Maryland Beybladers
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You've probably asked like 10 times at this point, chill out, nobody knows for sure when it will be yet, just check the events proposal forum and see if any have been proposed instead of constantly asking
There is a Sterling, VA Tournament it is Standard Format. Can anybody come from here. It is a 1 hour drive from Silver Spring.
Come on guys!!

Kaboom!!!, others, and I will all be there. Wouldn't you like to make this month-long break from Zero-G nicer, hah? Tongue_out
And plus three of your other MD bladers are already trying to attend, sonikkubey, Ginga, and i
ok i dont know if this the right thread....but im just gonna say this because im setting it up at the otakon... i am an otakon staff member and beyblader (little late in the game) and i am inviting beybladers who will be attending the otakon this year to an open challenge come test out ur strongest beys ALL beys, rip, and cord, launchers are acceped if u have ur own stadium you would like to use ur free to use it but all battles will be in the Vforce arena i may be holdinga tourny saturday...winner gets a rare beyblade for their collection please drop a message if ur interested andicantry toget it set up
Can you please explain what half of the things you mentioned are?
Basicly otakon battle all beys welcome
Nobody knows what otakon is...
Otakon is a anime convention thing kinda like what Carolina Game Summit was kinda, where Beyblade Colosseum was held. Otsu mentioned it like 2 or something years ago.
Does anyone want to come to a Bey Tournament in Sterling, VA on August 10th or 11th. The Bey Brawl 2 has 5 confirmed! Just 3 more!

Confirmed List
Can't come, sorry.
Having a tourney in Sterling, VA on 25th. Need 2 more. 1 hour from Maryland.
Here is the official thread.
If there was to be a tournament next Saturday who could come?
not me im studying for tests -__-
(Sep. 07, 2013  10:02 PM)Time Wrote: [ -> ]If there was to be a tournament next Saturday who could come?

I could probably come.
Stars has just told me his and Aru's tourney is planned for next Sunday, which I can't go to, so if I don't see an event proposal within the next couple of days I am going ahead and submitting one.
I am fine with two tourneys in one weekend haha.
Tournament tomorrow, come on 4 people is pitiful we only need 4 more
And I even sent Invites to everyone nearby on the BeyMap ...
Flash SGTO and his cousin wild claw lynx could go if the tournament was rescheduled to tomorrow. I just talked to him and he said him and his cousin could come if it was.
Dang, I just noticed the favor you did us Kai-v and still the tourney was a no-go where's the MD beyspirit?
Where are these tournies held? I'm in the city
In Silver Spring, assuming you mean D.C., its about a 20 minute drive from the border
Happy October, who is hosting what kind of tournament this month
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