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Full Version: German sub forum
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Hi to everyone from Germany,

we finally have the chance to get a German sub forum! The commitee is already aware of the idea and everything that´s left to do for us is to prove that there is enough interest.

It would definitely make it a lot easier for us to get to know each other and organize tournaments in the future. To be honest, I didn´t even know about most of you until I read Zera´s tournament thread. Joyful_2 Not to mention that it would be a lot easier to discuss / organize something in our mother tongue. Also a German market place would make dealing less complicated, wouldn´t it?

All you have to do is replying to this thread and prove your interest. If you know any other (active) German members, that are not listed below yet, please tag them in your post to make them aware of this thread.

So, here are all German Beybladers I know:

(does anyone know, why the last two tags don´t work?)

Please reply, guys! This is our chance! Smile
Great idea and I'm definitely interested Smile
I'm not German, or speak German, but I do support!
(Sep. 08, 2015  12:18 AM)Siⱺn Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not German, or speak German, but I do support!

Thank you. Smile
I can definitely see the use of a subforum for Germany now that their tournament scene is starting to become a thing.

+1 haha
Unfortunately, we will only consider replies from people who actually speak German and, ideally, who also live in Germany.
So, if you say ideally, that means German speakers can support? Then I hereby announce my support for the German subforum. Used to live in Germany and fluent in the language, so I guess that counts.
Plus, I would be able to help out a bit! Grin
Yo, this site, Online Welten, remains one of the most popular Beyblade-related German websites for some reason, so are any of you guys interested in joining and, discreetly, promote the World Beyblade Organization both for tournaments but for a potential German forum ?
Yeah, it´s a quite popular anime forum in general here, but I didn´t know there was also a beyblade section. I´ll see what I can do.

i`m a bleyder form germany
I'm german as well.
Upcoming German Blader here
With my growing interest in the whole Beyblade matter, a German sub forum would be great
I am German as well and I would love to meet up with some other bladers.
Add me to the list of upcoming German bleyders supporting this idea.
Not German but currently studying Germany, would try to attend tournaments if they happen.
I´m from Germany
Hey, I'm German