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Full Version: B-19 Burst BeyStadium
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A new stadium to be released on October 19th 2015 for approximately 2,000 yen, or less.

Black and yellow, apparently.
Seeing the picture, albeit tiny, makes me wonder if this is another one the "Extreme" stadiums with the spinning core. Not sure if it is anything, but in the image you can see a little rectangle-ish section jutting out from the stadium on the bottom left, which I believe could be the control panel (switches of which direction the center spins, etc.).

As always, thanks for the massive new updates Kai-V, haha.
That was my first impression too. But it appears to be triangular. Something we haven't seen for s long time. I can't see any spinning core although it is hard to see I think the control panel either controls the walls and perhaps this is going to come with the bey with the driver edge. And it has a tip like Q and it's whole gimmick is jumping so the walls flip down and when it goes on one you can launch it up. OR it's a circle and there is no control panel and the ends are just bolt thugs to keep the walls in. I think the first option would be cool. Useless but a neat gimmick for sure. Thx for the info Kai-v

Either that or it has no gimmick. Just solid walls so that if you get hit into one you could get bursted. That would be way less cool though
Thanks Kai-V for this valuable information. I would thinking how the stadium look like???
At ¥2000, I'd be surprised if there were any electronics involved. Looking forward to this! I always love new BeyStadium releases. That said, it's not like alternate BeyStadiums have a great track record or anything ...
I hope burst eventually gets a Wide Square equivalent. Still my favourite 'fun' stadium
If it is completely enclosed, maybe it is the defense type. Can't wait for bigger pics!!!
(Aug. 05, 2015  7:30 PM)Khel Wrote: [ -> ]I hope burst eventually gets a Wide Square equivalent. Still my favourite 'fun' stadium

That thing was awesome! I feel like if it had been just a bit smaller, it would've been a great two-player stadium.
(Aug. 05, 2015  7:31 PM)Zoroaste Wrote: [ -> ]If it is completely enclosed, maybe it is the defense type. Can't wait for bigger pics!!!

Or maybe it's named the burst stadium because it too will burst?
It looks like there is Two stadium out areas on the left and right and on the front is the place where you put the pins... That's what i see from that pic anyway...

Yea that is what it looks like.

Maybe it's called the burst stadium because it is actually enclosed and it will either be burst finish or sleep out. Who knows. Must have to wait.
This "Burst BeyStadium" is getting me excited to see the future of Burst. Also, i wonder what the function of this stadium will be.
I think this stadium is very cheap.
Well you still have to pay for shipping. Which is going to be alot for a big bulky item like this. I hope this is an attack type stadium somehow. Or at least a defense or balance type
Does anyone knows how to order from in Internationly? I couldn't understand how to change pin code.
Please Help!!
You need to use a forwarding service. I believe you could use ZenMarket. I don't buy from Japan at all. I just wait for prices to go down on American Amazon on but it on prime when it gets there. All beyblade burst presently releases is prime on Amazon. Except the stand alone stadium and beylogger.
wow it looks awsome stadium, i'm so excited i'm going to burst like beyblade! (lol!). anyway thanks kai-v for update
Could you please tell me meaning of forward shippment Bladerguy 2?
Yea. Basically Japanese anazon doesn't ship internationally. So you have to pay a little extra to a third party service that gives you a Japanese address they have and the product ships to them. Then they ship it to you.
So you pay two kinds of shipping plus the service fee for using a middleman. There are tons of good options that offer direct shipping and no service fee though, so you should really read this topic :
This sounds really exciting!!! A new way of playing beyblade!! I hope it has some cool gimmick! I hope it's bigger than the current stadium as well!
(Aug. 06, 2015  7:10 AM)Bladerguy2 Wrote: [ -> ]Yea that is what it looks like.

Maybe it's called the burst stadium because it is actually enclosed and it will either be burst finish or sleep out. Who knows. Must have to wait.

After reading one of Zoroaste's comments, I took some time to look at the picture again and the concept seems clear to me now.

Portions of the stadium cover are different colours, yellow, so they cannot just be as stuck and immobile as the rest of the walls. Therefore, it is not completely enclosed. There is also clearly no room to be able to position the walls where you want.

Ironically, this stadium is exactly the same colour as the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade Bey Tournament Dome stadium :

[Image: btd_zps5ae5c36b.jpg]
(Thanks to sporkseller for the picture, from his selling topic.)

TAKARA-TOMY might mean for it to be less gimmicky, game- or even soccer-like this time around by removing the pins you are meant to knock over, but the concept appears to be very similar.

It would therefore indeed be called the "Burst Stadium" because knock outs are still possible, but are given at least a second chance : a first attempt would simply knock the yellow wall covering the exit down, but the Beyblade would remain inside the stadium and possible still spinning. Consequently, they really want your Beyblades to remain in the game and die by burst as much as possible. An avoided knockout does unscrew the Layer at least one notch most times, so sending that weakened Beyblade back in the battle could definitely lead to a burst.

So, that is why, rather than seeing it from the perspective of a "Defense Type BeyStadium", this is really called a Burst Stadium, because this would favour a Beyblade that can easily burst another, rather than negatively affect its performance in favour of Defense types, because now it does not entirely depend on knockouts.

All in all, I am very certain that the yellow walls are knockable hah.
So I'm guessing insta-buy...
Always wanted to own that Bey Tournament Dome stadium but never got hold of one so hopefully this new Burst Stadium will be similar!
(Oct. 02, 2015  2:12 PM)gankoba Wrote: [ -> ]So I'm guessing insta-buy...

I would say that the BeyStadium Standard Type will actually remain the staple, but at least the Burst BeyStadium will favour Burst-Finish types, which is almost always healthier than situations where they are nerfed. I have no idea right now if it would be allowed in our tournaments even, since as we discussed in the B-14 Starter Wyvern Armed Massive thread, if Defense types have to rely on aggressive tips in order to actually defend ("Anti-Attack" rather than proper Defense), then perhaps this stadium will overpower Attack types hah. For our events, we want stadiums that do give a fair chance to all types.
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