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Full Version: What Are You Currently Reading?
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(Jan. 31, 2008  3:32 AM)Katashi Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure most of us do it on a regular basis, read that is. Hopefully, you read more than what your English teacher assigns you, which in my case are typical books that I would have already read anyways (I think I've read The Outsiders three times now...). Anyway, post what book(s) you are reading at the moment along. Remember, I said BOOKS, which means manga doesn't count!

Eclipse- Stephanie Meyer. Okay, I like some love stories, and it helps there are vampires and werewolves involved. I haven't started the first page of this book yet, but this is where I'm currently at in this series.

Yes, Your Parents Are Crazy!- Michael Bradley. Psychology is awesome. Using psychology to understand how my brain is developing as a teen and why I feel so screwed up is awesome, too. I'm only on the first chapter of the first section and I'm already beginning to see some new stuff, stuff some of you older members probably have already figured out, or maybe not. I guess it depends how long you've spent trying to discover who you are.
Happyface, by Stephon Edmond.
Uh, what happened to the thread?
(Nov. 09, 2010  3:19 PM)SniperOwl Wrote: [ -> ]Uh, what happened to the thread?

crazy things my freind!

other then reading this post, i am reading the tanning prosses in the breakthough taxidermy collection and also reading the wanted form messages off to see if i could possibly have anything people are looking for like a wolf! really looking to get rid of one. other then that just this thred seeing what everbody else is reading, and thats about as sain as it gets! XD
Fahrenheit 451 for the 3rd time, Ray Bradbury did an amazing job on this book like a lot of other short stories.
Also reading Star Wars: Repubic Commando: Order 66, a good series if you like star wars
Gah Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
It's horrible.
Hallucinogens: A Reader

Food of the Gods - Terrence Mcenna
Pendragon before the war series, I finished all the others.
Not refering to king arthur.
Im reading Pendragon:The Soldiers of Halla by D.J.MacHale.The seris itslef is so epic, and the the final book blows them all away, oh yeah and if you dont want a spoiler or 4, dont read past this
NEVVA DIES!yes,the evil heartless girl dies
Kasha comes back to life along with Patrick
Tangs are now tamed by gars
Saint Dane and Press were once FRIENDS!YES YOU READ RIGHT, FRIENDS!
I'm reading Wikipedia.
The Hunger Games series.
oh yeah and i just finished Pendragon. Spader is awesome
Reading Fahrenheit 451 for the 5th time also reading Jurassic Park (much better than movie)
Sorry if this is considered a necro-
I Just finished 2 of the cherub books. I had to skip the 2nd book, because my library doesnt have it.
Anyways, Im currently reading Earth [THE BOOK] just for laughs.
Well, I read many fiction books, Recently, I wanted to learn something important, So I grabbed The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho. It's an amazing book, Maybe the story's not great. It teaches a great deal about life. Invest in it, It's great.
just finished LOTR, that book blows eragon out of the water....
also reading the diary of a wimpy kid its lulz
I'm reading the hunger games the first 1
I recently bought my first non-manga/comic book in YEARS. Wait, I'm a college student! Why is it my first?

Because it is the first book, specifically a novel, that I've bought out of pure interest and of my own volition. No school, pure interest.

Transformers: Exodus tells of the story on a caste-bound Cybertron. A caste is a system that categorizes certain people into certain roles. There were the higher castes, which contains politicians and members of a force such as The Elite Guard, the middle castes like data clerks and scientists, and the lower castes such as Energon miners. One miner formerly called D-16 rose in the lower castes in the gladiatorial pits and donned the name Megatronus, named after The Fallen, Megatronus Prime of the Original Thirteen. His cries for equality among all Cybertronians born from Primus reached the ears of one data clerk, Orion Pax, whose interest leads him to Megatron in a quest for equality.

Transformers: Exodus is basically the history of Transformers within "The Aligned Continuity", consisting of the show Transformers: Prime and the games Transformers: War for/Fall of Cybertron, telling the tales of Orion Pax and how he became Optimus Prime, and how the Autobots fell into war with the Decepticons. If you're a Transformers fan, I recommend it. If you've played the games first, you may see some things reminiscent in the book. If you've watched the show, you'll read about the history that was somewhat mentioned in episodes.

I do plan on picking up the next book, Transformers: Exiles, after I'm done.
Currently I'm reading the first volume of the novels based off of full metal alchemist.

Once I'm done with that I plan on playing catch up with the Warriors cats series, or atlease the original series before power of three and ext. if I don't get done with in the year.
I'm currently reading Diary of a Whimpy Kid: Cabin Fever for school. It's easy to test on (We have to take computerized tests on books at school) and to read. Plus it's entertaining to me and it clears up space for more vaction time during summer break. Smile
I am currently reading the Gone series by Michael Grant. The books are Gone,Hunger,Lies,Plague,Fear and Light. Anyone else read them?
(Jul. 03, 2012  4:04 PM)ChinaBladeâ„¢ Wrote: [ -> ]I'm currently reading Diary of a Whimpy Kid: Cabin Fever for school. It's easy to test on (We have to take computerized tests on books at school) and to read. Plus it's entertaining to me and it clears up space for more vaction time during summer break. Smile

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is one book I am looking forward to read; even though it seems like its meant for a younger age group than mine. I used to be a HUGE fan of Just Wacky! and Captain Underpants; and as this seems to be quite similar, I'd be reading it irrespective of my age, haha!

However, at the moment I am reading the Percy Jackson Series. Before I started reading, I used to be a hater. I soon realized though, that it is one great book! Till now, I have just managed to complete the first two books, namely- Lightning Thief, and Sea of Monsters.
Sooo, I'd be reading the next one soon!
: That series was great! The next one is called The Titan's Curse, iirc.
Dairy of a wimpy kid dog days so i could refresh my memory about it and then watch the movie
The Complete works of Sherlock Holmes. I bought the E-Book for cheap off the googleplay store and it is fascinating.
Touching Spirit Bear
For my summer reading project.
For my summer reading, Things Fall Apart.

I read the 1st chapter, and I am just like, "Cool story bro. Tell it again Tired"
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