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Full Version: What Are You Currently Reading?
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Im reading

Romeo and Juliet play for school. Tis it be tragic...

Twilight- Stephanie Meyer- EKKK!! Im not a fangirl...
I read "Another Note" The novel about Death Note and the BB Murder Case...well, it's not really about Death Note, but they do mention it at one point, I believe...
I'm reading the newest Warriors super edition, "Bluestar's Prophecy" by Erin Hunter. It's really good. Cute
I'm reading "Unfinished Tales and The History of Middle-earth" by J.R.R. Tolkien
Anne McCaffery's Dragonriders of Pern series... just finished book 2 of almost 20... I'm gonna be busy this school year...
I finished reading the giver a few weeks ago, I would definitely recommend it despite being short.
My english teacher made us read 'Lord of the Flies'.
Good book, but the author takes like three pages to describe a flower. Reason why my classmates didn't like it.
My Bookie Wook by Russell Brand (biography).

Some of the situations he describes are pretty horrifying at times. Others he seems like the most frustrating person you'd ever have to deal with. But at the same time he comes off as really charming through out. Because of the content I wouldn't recommend it someone under the age of 18. But it's a really well written biography that keeps your attention from beginning to end.

BTW, it's impossible not to fall in love with Russell's mum while you're reading. Best mum ever.
russell brand owns
Eyeshield 21 pretty good manga if your into football
reading dragonball start to finnish again LOL little goku pwns :B
Katashi Wrote:Anyway, post what book(s) you are reading at the moment along. Remember, I said BOOKS, which means manga doesn't count!
What happened to this part of the first post of this topic.
Reading 1984 because everyone and their brother says good things about it, and also found this nice book called "The Motley Fool's Investment Guide for Teens" I've always been interested in the stock market and carp like that but I never knew where to start.
Im reading Out of the Dust for school... a book of unrhyming poems about the 1930's seems to sound boring... but its not really Grin
Re-reading jPod for the 11 millionth time.

Now that I look at it, I don't own many books.
(Aug. 10, 2009  11:50 PM)To Wrote: [ -> ]Now that I look at it, I don't own many books.

I own more books than is probably healthy.

Seriously I just recently moved and most of my possessions were books. I'm talking boxes and boxes full of them.
Just finished one of James Rollins' latest adventure thrillers, "The Last Oracle". I loved it, got a bag full of novels from a temple charity thing, too. Fiction that they didn't want to give out, but i didn't want to let the throw away.
so right now, i'm starting one of Robin Cook's medical thrillers, called "seizure"

Also partway through the diary of Che Guevara. Interesting stuff
i am currently reading Eragon.
(Aug. 12, 2009  2:53 AM)firekid115 Wrote: [ -> ]i read the naruto manga, bleach manga, i finishes the Saga Of Darren Shan a few months ago,

but most recently, i started reading this super badass manga called:
Nora: The Last Choronicle Of Devildom
i just finished the first book, but im going back to the manga store the get the next 2/3. it a crazy cool series.
Opening Post Wrote:Anyway, post what book(s) you are reading at the moment along. Remember, I said BOOKS, which means manga doesn't count!
start warning people who don't read the OP seriously
ohh, srry i didnt see that,
im about to read the mangas
code geass nightmare of nunally
and then code geass the suzaku one i cant remember the name for his
i am reading the "Dangerous book for dogs:A parody by Rex and Sparky I'ts pretty funny
What the dog saw

gladwell describes RON POPIEL as having "sensuous lips"
Diary of a wimpy kid, the red one

Year 7s get a free book now, chose this book as I like comedy.
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