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Full Version: Very affordable beys
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This is my selling thread. Only Paypal.
Free Shipping. Only PM is allowed.
Still Available
We cannot see your images because you are hosting them on DropBox in a secure way (https:), so you probably only see them on your computer because you are logged in to your DropBox account there, but all of us have no access to your account.
Ah. So what other image uploading sites may I use?
Imageshack, Imgur, Photobucket, Tinypic, etc.
Photos have been fixed
Wow, these are some really nicely kept high quality beyblade, at least I don't see any damage on them. I want Draciel MBD but I can only get from Ebay or Amazon.
Well. I can Sell It to you for cheaper price. If u don't mind. Pm me for more details.
No the price is fine but I'm limited to use those websites in general, if I could buy from you I would.
I need them to go..please guys
support me please
Come on guys, cheap price on authentic beyblades..
I would like galaxy pegasis

Do u have Lynda's tip some one broke mine

Sorry Lybras tip

I'll like the green bey

Those Pegasus have the rubber tip

I'll buy the shouting stell with the red and blue metals

Edit shougon Stell
PM me for draciel MBD, Meteor...
Bump. Come and buy stuff people, its authentic beys with great prices.
You can only bump once every 48 hours you know?
i thought 24hours, sorry...
I change my mind I want archer griffin and Galaxy pegasas and efrit and the green beyblade and the blue guardian leviatin . Let me check with my parents im only 10
I'm thinking about getting more

I can only by 2 I'll order the ones tomorrow (in pm)
Updated with what items are on hold.
Can you hold Evil Befall?
Yes. No problem
Can you also hold vulcan too?
Vulcan Herculeo or Vulcan Horogium?
(May. 26, 2015  4:21 PM)ExtremeBlader3 Wrote: [ -> ]Horogium

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