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plz close this!
(Mar. 03, 2014  6:38 PM)Maximum Dranzer Wrote: [ -> ]Hello , I am a seller from India who wants to sell NIB (Hasbro only . SORRY)
Beyblades .
Selling List :-

Metal Masters -

1 x Ray Striker (D125 CS) - US $10

Metal Fury - (all US $12)

5 x Divine Crown (TR145 D)
3 x Vulcan Horuseus (145 D)
5 x Forbidden Ionis (ED145 FB)
5 x Beat Lynx (AD145 WD)
4 x Scythe Kronos (T125 EDS)

Hyperblades - ( all US $15)

12 x Variares ( Delta Drive)
3 x Jade Jupiter (S130 RB)
8 x Omega Dragonis (85 XF)

... So , I will be updating stock per day , Stay tuned for more beyblades ! Grin

And , We accept payment through PAYPAL ONLY !

(Pictures to be uploaded soon ) If you want to see the above pictures, then please feel free send PM to me, thanks!

Also , We give free shipping all over the World !!! Grin Grin Grin


Where are the pictures?
We will close this topic if you do not add the pictures right now.