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Full Version: Death Note [10th Anniversary!]
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Hey, I'm sorry if this is wrong to do, but as an Death Note fan myself, I just had to do this.
As you can tell we're coming up to our 10th year of Death Note. This is by far one of the best anime I'll ever see in my life. It has been announced that the creator will be doing something special! We don't know what, but we have this:

Maybe it'll be an special about how L become L and grew up. Or if Light really is a Shinigami.
I don't think we'll be getting another season. As I found the first one to be perfect. I believe if we had another one, it would mess things up.

I really hope we get a new OVA about some of the things I've stated. I honestly can't wait to see.
I can't believe Death Note hae been around for nearly 10 years and I just heard about it a few months ago haha.

It would defenitely be cool to see how L grew up, along with Near and Mellow. Or maybe his past cases.
Oh wow, this is exciting! I think if they made a manga based on L, Change the World where L wins originally would be cool.
In the source code of the official website, one of the keywords is not something that is common, and could therefore be a hint that, naturally, some Japanese have picked up on already : usually, webpage keywords are used to tell Google bots, for instance, what the page is about so that their site can be ranked well when someone searches for one of those keywords. Consequently, if you use an expression that was never used before by a community, you did not do it in hopes that you would attract more of the casual fans.

This expression is "Kira nativity". キラ降誕 The keywords also list L, but that is to be expected since that is one of the hottest keywords a Death Note fan would look for and that the page therefore wants to be associated with at all costs.
Hopefully there will be an ova on Death Note, such a great anime. Oh how I've stayed from 8AM to 3AM in the morning just to watch it. Close to perfection, thanks for this!!
Thought I'd update this! If you click my bottom link, you'll see 13 days remaining!! I'm totally pumped for this.

Don't let me down Death Note! Haha.
See, they removed "Kira nativity" from the keywords now.

The whole page clearly means that this ten-year special is a manga. What people decide to do with Ohba and Obata's work afterwards is up in the air.
More news on the Death Note 10th anniversary speculation.
I do not know if anyone lost interest in this once they saw that everything was in Japanese, but I just did some researches in Japanese and I must say I am quite disappointed by the riddle you need to solve to get the password for the Real Game app that will come out on April 7th 2014.

Un, I kinda figured that out too, it was pretty easy. It kinda wasn't the news I had in mind so I just stopped posting. However, I do lover Death Note, hah. So I'm just gonna be happy with what we got. Hard to believe it's been around 10 years.