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Full Version: Poll: Who was the strongest Legend Blader among these?
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I wanted to check what people are thinking about this.
Who was the toughest Legend Blader among these:
Kenta (with Flash Sagittario)
I won't count Ryuga and Rago because they were been chosen I guess.
Well, u misspelled dynamis and tithi or titi and forgot yuki. But out of those I would say Chris
Yes I guess Yuki was not been selected anyway, he was very weak I think.
My order:
Kenta > Ginga = Kyouya > Chris > Dunamys > Tity = King > Aguma
Dude! You forgot Ryuga!Chocked how could you forget the dragon emperor??!!XD
(Nov. 14, 2013  8:12 PM)ryukiba Wrote: [ -> ]Dude! You forgot Ryuga!Chocked how could you forget the dragon emporer??!!XD

He didnt put him, cause he was to powerful and everybody would choose the true dragon emporer Smug
Umm........ You should put Ryuga or It wont be fair.

That's true though DK XD
Oh boy! I've actually been making a top 20 Bladers of all time list (MFB/Plastics) and a lot of these guys are up there.
1. Ryuga (even though he's not an option)
2. Gingka/Kyoya (Vague ending akin to Tyson and Kai, the only reason Gingka wins is because he's the main character)
3. Chris
4. King
5. Dunamis
6. Tithi
7. Aguma (Although he's #15 of all time IMO, he loses a lot to other Legend Bladers)
8. Kenta (Can't really judge him too well due to his lack of post-Flash battles)
9. Yuki (even though he's not an option)
Well obviously Ryuga, then Ginga, & then Kenta imo. I'm amazed by the character development that Kenta underwent during the 4D season.
Ryuga was definitely the strongest of them all. Unfortuantely Ginga would come in second Tired.
You cant out ryuga i think instead of kenta he should be the legendary trainer.
I'm not even going to lie to you guys, In my opinion Ginka was the strongest legendary blader. Here is why!
Ginka has been through so much from the beginning, to the end of the series, Like battling Ryuga, Damian, And Rago. But during those times, He mostly got back up to put up a fight.
Chris all the way IMO, Phantom Orion has the best stamina out of all the legendary bladers beys,
I won't lie, overall in all of MFB phantom Orion will always be my favorite. Smile
Well Duh it was Gingka He defeated nemesis and the rest of them had their beys broke xD
In my opinion ginka hold the no.1 title but ryuga is the strongest blader althrough he is no more.
1-ryuga have major roles in 3 seasons and he have loss only 2 matches 1 fair and 1 unfair.The battle with nemesis is unfair because nemesis was copying.So ryuga is truly best dragon emperor.

2-Ginka and kyoya both make a tie because they have loss 8 matches each.Ginka defeated nemesis with every bladers help.
3-althrough kenta is not good but that little kid have some bey spirit for what ryuga gave him his star fragement.
Imho Kenta deserves to be the best because of the spirit he showed in the desire to be a legendary blader or, however, to help his friends. I mean, the other bladers were designated to be legendary (obviously because of their strenght), but Kenta wasn't. So he earned the title and deserved it all. Maybe it's not the strongest, but had the strongest heart; travelling with Ryuga was very difficult.