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Full Version: Interesting Indian article about Beyblade.
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so is that saying theyre makin the teachers involve beyblades with their schoolwork?
Ah so this is one of the things that vanished. Pity all the responses were golden, as you said.
Quote:The beyblade's combination of manual or technical skill and magic is something that few other toys have: boys can take apart, reassemble and customise their beyblades to an endless variety. The blade's magical Bit Beast, which gives it life and power, also evokes the myth-making urge natural to children.

I know it's supposed to be an implicit kind of imagine-this thing, but the way they word it, it's almost like they thought Bit Beasts were real, lol.
This article was interesting, but would have been a little bit more realistic without all the talk of magical connections to bitbeasts. I liked "Beyblades open the floodgate to a reservoir of magic and enchantment".
With all the msytical mumbo jumbo aside, it was a decent article on how beyblades aren't dead in some places and that we need more people like this in America. Tired