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Full Version: What percentage of your beyblade parts do you actually use? Competitively speaking.
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I was thinking of this topic when I was organizing my beys. I was seperatimg my good parts from the bad parts. Then I realized how many beys I had that have parts that are come rely useless in today's metagame.

I'd say I use about 20% of my total parts. How about you?
Probably about 25%, since like you, I have almost useless parts that won't ever be top-tier in this metagame. Tongue_out
For tournament use, I use about 70% of my parts. I use parts that used to be top-tier, and parts that are top-tier. I also think the percentage of this topic staying alive is 95%, hah.

EDIT: I just counted, and it turns out I use 82% out of 100%.
Most of my parts are useless, i buy a lot of hasbro two-packs. More for less, if u buy two-one pack hasbro beys, every two pack is like around 15 USD and A single pack at Toys R us are 12 USD. 35%
Hmm.... I probably only use 60% of my parts. Sure, I keep stuff like Meteo in my good parts box, but I probably only use it once a month, if that.
For me 25%- 30%. The rest is useless hah.
Probably ... Yeah, 20%. I have too many rares, noob parts, outclassed parts, and too-worn-to-be-used parts, hah.
i used about 15-30 percent of my parts i specialize in defence types
You see , I've noticed that the greater your collection gets , the less percentage of parts you use [Simple mathematics actually but ya'know]. So I've now gotten to that stage where I only use about 8% of my parts regularly ... :L
(Although, sometimes I kick back, get out a spendific attack synchrom, and put it up against a light wheel, or dark or something XD)
i use around 10% of my collection, i sell about 60% and rest i keep collection.

I use about 40% 70% of my parts. Most of my Metal Wheels and parts are useless; Poison, Dark, Torch, etc. lol. But I sometimes use them for fun.
Around 25% I use and 15% in a spare parts box...

The remaining 60% are actually never used 'cos I bought them collect and display. Cute
(Feb. 18, 2013  12:27 PM)Cannon Wrote: [ -> ]

I use about 40% 70% of my parts. Most of my Metal Wheels and parts are useless; Poison, Dark, Torch, etc. lol. But I sometimes use them for fun.

70% !? Wow ...
I mean seriously , how do you get the time and energy to use them all regularly ? Gasp
I use 95% of my parts I don't use Screw,Cyclone,Ect. but in a tourney I use about 50%-70%
around 60%. I have a lot of random parts that are for collection and some that just plain suck.
I use about 40% of my collection when I play beyblade alone but when I compete in a tournament I use 5% to 15%
i use abt 85% of my parts , i exchange the bad parts and get real good parts
because I use mostly Synchroms... I have 5%, 10% of my metal/chrome wheels unused, but the tracks and bottoms... half are unused, the mayor problem is the duplicates i have, i can't even give them away, i don't have much many friends that play with beyblade! LOL
I have just 11 MFB, so as long as its free play, I use 100% of my parts.
When it comes to tournament usage, I use just 30-40% of things. This is because I own mostly outclassed parts. At the same time, I also hate to use painted Metal Wheels.

I have 8 Plastics and 1 HMS as well. Well, of course I use 100% of my HMS collection. Wink
In Plastics, I use nothing because-
I have 6 right-spinning beys, and I don't have a right-spin plastic launcher at the moment.
I have two left-spinning beys- Dragoon V2 and White Gabriel G.
I have decided to keep Dragoon V2 unused as far as possible(and I have succeeded in my attempt until now).
White Gabriel G is reserved for trade, so I haven't used it since a very long time. At the same time, I hated using EG beys because they used to split apart more often than other Plastic beys. Moreover, White Gabriel used to split apart even more frequently because of the recoil it suffered due to its Free-Spinning SAR...
i use most of my parts around 95% of them.
I could probably say I use %100 percent of mine. Sometimes I just get really bored, take all my beys apart, and put them back together all mixed up. Then I usually do my own tournaments with them and figure out which combo is the best, and write it down. Takes FOREVER though because I have 100 beys. Now for tournament use. I just bring all of my beys and usually don't take them apart because I don't want to lose anything. For tournament use I could probably only say 10%.