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Full Version: mry custimized combo
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i made mf kreis capricorne w105r2f and its a great attack combo but beybladdepants11 keeps on saying it sucks and he didnt try it out you cant judge a bey by the way it looks you got to test it first. he think who knows everything which you dont you just came up with does awesome combos by testing them im trying to tell him that its a opinion and i dont care what other ppl thinks
If u are making a combo thread u have to make test to go with this combo A mod will shortly close this thread
You need to have testing and in the proper format.
Edit: AUG! I have been beaten.
Did you seriously have to say that I think it sucks?I'm not saying that the combo sucks.I was giving you suggestions on how to make the combo better.It is true you have to do proper testing to make a good combo.I didn't judge the beyblade just by looking,I just saw the parts and I thought you needed to improve it with other parts.So try testing before saying a combo is good.