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Full Version: London [UK] Tournament Discussion.
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Confirm me Blitz! Got a new custom to test out
awman i have to go church
unlucky then hopefully i can come to the next saturday tournament
Yes i can come now Smile
I'll 90% be able to come! (Just incase anything pops up, but I'm free atm)
I should be able to make it on Sunday. Have not been to a tourney for a while xD
i can definetly come and cannot wait!
i sent you a pm a while back which you never replied to, anyways, if it's on a sunday i can still make it. please someone pm me the time frame, i'll be staying in a nearby hotel anyways.
I have metal fury spark fx i am bringing 4 is that okay with the tournament rules and i am coming Smile
Yes, you are allowed to use Metal Fury Spark FX. You are also allowed to use as many beys as you want in the tournament, as long as they are either Takara, Hasbro, or Sonokong. I suggest you read this entire rulebook before competiting.
Thanks for the help! ^^
Yo Luck it is on a Sunday
Stick me in unconfirmed. I'm hoping i can come, but it all depends on money to get there!
put me down as confirmed on Saturday and unconfirmed on Sunday plox
(Dec. 01, 2012  1:15 PM)Blitz Wrote: [ -> ]Ok since the London tournament scene has seemed to have died instead of just going ahead and making tournament threads I'm going to have to make sure we have enough people to actually come to the tournaments before I can make the official threads.

Current Events
Ok so let's try get another tournament going!

So I'd like to get a MFB tournament going on Sunday the 26th of May at Regents Park in the Bandstand like usual, we'll have registration at around 12:30 and start for 13:00.

This will in theory be our BeyDay's tournament so we may get funding for some prizes too!

So far we have confirmed -
  • Blitz
  • Ultra
  • Beyhyperkiller
  • Minimonkeylbt12
  • Kyurem
  • Tysonblader09
  • Beyhyperkiller
  • xHB Saucex

Unconfirmed -
  • Hakumen

Ok so this will be the Standard format tournament in BB-10/Attack Type Stadiums!

So if you are interested let me know, as from the looks of the last tournament we seem to be gaining more interest!

Past Events
April Amazement!

Zero G: Christmas Chaos!


Zero G: Feb-bey-ary Chaos! & Feb-bey-ary Chaos! (MFB)

if you can use metal fusion beys could you put me on unconfirmed
Yeah, you can.
Updated the OP of the thread with the next potential tournament date, let me know if you can make it!
Yeah I'll come along
Could you put me as maybey/un-comfirmed because i may be coming I will edit this post eventually to tell when I can come k thanks!!
Eh ... Put me down as unconfirmed. I'll try my hardest to convince my dad. I really want to got to another zero-g tournament (Still un-defeated in zero-g, except in the finals.).
I'll be there as usual Matt! Tongue_out_wink
I mite carp
I might be able to make it sunday would be better but I know its hard for others
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