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Full Version: [Bethesda, MD] 12/15/12 - Holiday Havoc! (Zero-G)
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With him coming it kinda bummed my confidence in placing XD
(Dec. 05, 2012  1:35 PM)DrPepsidew Wrote: [ -> ]With him coming it kinda bummed my confidence in placing XD

HEY HEY HEY dont do that to yourself think WE have as much chance as winning as anyone else just depends on your brains and tier parts!
Don't forget skill now... XD I really wish I would come with all these other strong people coming . So when I'm not here its there opportunity to come huh... just kidding Lol but I will be sad missing this.
I think I'm strong, but Arupaeo, DM and more than one top 100 blader? I'm still gonna try if I do come, but DANG XD
So, what are we at now, 5 top 100?
We might actually be able to make it! Fusion Blader and Rip Blader I think are my boys names (?)

Let us know the location soon!
Actually 6 lol! Will be a tough one for us UNDERDOGS! Now time for me to get creative lol. Smile
I really hope I can make it XD
Venue is secured! It's going to be back at the Wardman Park Marriott by the National Zoo - see the OP for more details.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Saw that coming Grin
(Dec. 07, 2012  8:07 PM)Stars Wrote: [ -> ]Saw that coming Grin

I tried not to! The Marriott is very expensive for me as the room fee does not cover what I have to pay for the room.

I am still hopeful that I will have a better location (for parking) in January!
Do the people who have to come with me pay room fees? They are not participating.
Hey Aru, isn't it free for everybody besides the room fee?
(Dec. 07, 2012  11:06 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Aru, isn't it free for everybody besides the room fee?
It starts on Dec. 16.

Let make this clear

If your participating the tournament you pay the room fee + WBO fee.

If your not participating (Parents watching or siblings) they don't have to pay the fee.
I take it something came up with my park shelter suggestion?
Dude, we are no going to just play in a park on a 40 degree day in December. And, we have a location already.
I'm no where near a new yorker blader or Canadian blader that would play out in 40 degree or lower.

Be grateful that he got a indoor venue which is expensive....
No, a park shelter is essentially a building at the park like these:
actually, excuse me, a better term for them is park activity buildings
im sorry i wont be able to make it i have to dpend the day with my freind csuse hes moving soon but if i end up finding a solution ill post but until then im not confirmed
OK, I am now confirmed! Yay!
Probably won't place, but I will try!

I have a counter.
nvm change of date for my b-day party. I cant come.
Anyone bringing any plastics? IF so Id bring mine.
I could bring a couple, if you'd bring a bb-10, but i won't bring anything good, don't want to risk breaking anything hard to replace in freeplay
edit: bb-10/ plastic equivalent of bb-10
How about HMS? Im interested xD
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