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Full Version: Metal Fight Beyblade Zero G 29 Links & Discussion
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29. The DNA Shutdown Coalition
DNA Hōimō
Air-Date: 2012-10-21


More DNA junk?Hmm.....

HOPEFULLY this is where it gets interresting~
This should give some sort of twist, I think it should I couldn't access the last episode. Confused
For some reason, my friend in Japan would have translated 包囲網 as "coalition", so it'd have been "The DNA Coalition". He's being a bit of a carp about it though; when I asked him about it again at the request of Dranzer, he said "I'm the one in Japan, not you. It's translated like that."...

Whether it's used or not, I apologise if he's wrong about it.
Depending on what the episode shows im hoping we can see Dragooon vs Ifraid in Zero G
The description definitely suggests it, but the preview seems to indirectly show Zero against some other Blader.
I would have translated "包囲網" as "siege", but I'm probably wrong.

"Meeting each other again without waiting for the finals, Zero and Sakyo inevitably clash. However, Takanosuke, who wants to be equally matched with Sakyo, wants a match against Zero again. The moment Zero, who had put on his spirit, was about to battle against Takanosuke, there was a person who had forced their way through from the side: Spike Bourne. Given away by the fact that he battles with Zero even though he barged into the other matches, he was DNA's assassin, as anticipated by Mal."
Saigo? You're back? O.O

Regardless, as always, you're better at translating than I am xD

The episode sounds like a blast though, got five minutes to wait and I already want to see Spike get beaten Joyful_2
ooo that new bey... and I forgot its name already. Zillago?

Based on the anime it uses the Thief Crystal wheel, if I heard properly~

Kite vs Iwayama, and Eight vs Kira... can tell Eight is gonna lose already.
~So many interruptions. Zero vs Sakyo, then Takanosuke, then Spike, Kite vs Iwayama, then Akuya, then Kite vs those random bladers

Akuya came more prepared this time, using attack mode of Switch Attack 165. And it also manged to push Goreim back.

Back to Zero vs Spike, Ifraid was losing stamina from Zillago's attacks. Ifraid tried to use its running technique but Zillago stops it, and the episode ends.
It is probably spelt "Zirago", not "Zillago".
When will the episode will uploaded ? ^^ < Am new to this so I don't know when
(Oct. 21, 2012  3:51 AM)Kai-V Wrote: [ -> ]It is probably spelt "Zirago", not "Zillago".

Right right right my bad~

Also did anyone notice, Zirago's symbol/motif/whateveryoucallitonthestoneface looked a lot like Giraffe?
My internet is being an arse. It should be up sometime this afternoon PST.
Episode added.
I'm not japanese but I searched 包囲網 on google translate, and it said Seige, but it had other related words. They were Encirclement, Coalition, Encircling Net, and International Coalition.
Spike is like Rejii 2.0!

Never really thought there could be too much action in an episode but this one proved me wrong haha. There's like 3 battle happening so you get to see like nothing! No conclusions to any of the battles in this episode (one of them hasn't even started yet).
A translator from #Pocketmonsters just translated the title for me as "The Shutdown Coalition DNA" 網 alone means coalition.
I watched this episode and ... hm. (another Kung Fu character !)
I didn't like that new character, but his bey reminded me of Rock Giraffe. His beyblade is based on the Kirin too ... ? Chocked_2

And thank you DranzerX13 for the episode downloading link !