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Full Version: [Buying] HMS and shtuff [Malaysia only D:]
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Very, very, little active Malaysian bladers, but I'll try my luck. Oh, and since I don't have PayPal, we must meet up somewhere. Unhappy Sunway Pyramid, perhaps.)

Death Gargoyle MS (Mint/ NIB)
Grip Flat Core (Mint)

Jade Jupiter S130RB \
Fusion Hades AD145SWD --- NIP / MINT Buying for RM30-35 each
Killer Beafowl UW145EWD /
Humpty Dumpty Bumpty
Id really like to buy fusion hades and jade jupiter but i live in India.

EDIT: Sorry did not see that well if you need a death gargoyle ms you should contact raux or dio they both sell it and they are partners here is raux's store link-

(Sep. 22, 2012  5:25 PM)pranzdiv123 Wrote: [ -> ]Id really like to buy fusion hades and jade jupiter but i live in India.

he isnt selling them. he is buying those beyblades Wink that's why this is in the buying thread Cute
Bumper cars.
If you dont have can try bank deposit...
and i believe Toys R Us Malaysia should already have those 4D in stock...because here in Sarawak,we have tons of 4D already..
as for HMS,i dont think it possible..haha..we are very inactive when come into beyblades..haha

EDIT:Try your luck on luck on the random boosters then..that would be your option since you cant get things online..
Yea, they do. But if you didn't notice, those were prize Beyblades, aha.